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Have you heard anymore rumours, OP?

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When it comes to one of the services they'll offer, I think there will be a Gaikai subscription that will give you access to every games from the first 3 PlayStations via streaming. It's just a hunch, but I think that's what they'll offer.

It will create a really big incentive to get the PS4 if they do that. PS4 will be the one hardware to have. Of course, that's if the streaming is any good.

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DanneSandin said:

MAJOR UPDATE: I've talked with my source and he has said that it's not a certainty that ALL megatons will be shown at e3 this year; some might appear at TGS as well - and this really sucks!

So, let me share with you my predictions for e3 AND TGS this year:

The price:

$349.99 EDIT: My source have now said they might not announce the price at e3, and that he wouldn't "make any bets on the price either" =/ Looks like I might be screwed!! And here is the reason why it'll cost $349: http://hexus.net/tech/news/graphics/52361-tired-unrealistic-hair-then-use-amd-tressfx/ - they made a deal with AMD.

The meltdowns:

A former Xbox exclusive will be shown!

The Megatons:

An old franchise from the PS1-era will return to Sony (1st party).

A PS2-era series will also return (1st party).

I also suspect that we'll see The Last Guardian will be there (but this I have no back up for, it's just a hunch).

But the best part is a game that will redeem a whole company (I've heard it's a boss fight they will show)(exclusive).

And PS4 is also getting a BIG online service that will kick ass. Part of this service has actually already been announced, but it's not obvious yet...

I hope you enjoy this years e3 Sony fans, because it will be a great one! I'm hyped to see all the awesome reactions already :D


These EDITS might make it into e3/tgs or it might not, they will how ever be announced one day:

EDIT: Naughty Dog is working on a new IP as well, not sure if that will be shown though...

EDIT 2: We might see some VERY cool saving and charging features for the new controller, as well as seeing other features for the consoles (tracking and measuring stuff).

EDIT3: I'm trying to sneak in another hint of possibly a new game, but I'm not sure though... Could have been announced or it might not have been, don't know actually... It's hard to keep it hidden.

EDIT4: Gaikai will be huge and awesome! It will blow your mind! I hope I can add some information soon.




AMD to sell a version of the PS4 APU to PC builders

In further AMD news it has been revealed that the company will be making available a version of the chip powering the Sony PlayStation 4 to ordinary folk and PC builders. The chip will be the same AMD Jaguar APU minus some Sony technology and custom specifications.

John Taylor, head of marketing for AMD's Global Business Units, told The Inquirer that the APU will be available to consumers later this year. The chip made available to consumers will be the based on the same technology but sounds like it will be cut down in several ways. Talking about Sony’s PS4 reveal AMD’s Taylor said “Everything that Sony has shared in that single chip is AMD [intellectual property], but we have not built an APU quite like that for anyone else in the market. It is by far the most powerful APU we have built to date, it leverages [intellectual property] that you will find in our A-series APUs later this year, our new generation of APUs but none that will quite be to that level of sheer number of cores, sheer number of teraflops.”

When AMD launches its third generation of APUs later in the year and the Sony PS4 is available it will be interesting to compare what differences and enhancements the Sony technology and chip specification makes to games titles across systems. However I’m sure both systems will offer nice in-game hair.



Alright if you name me that xbox game if it comes true ill give u £1000 u got my word and if u lost ill have ur username ? Deal 

Ultimate megaton announcement= Sony has completely run out of $ and credit, & is going out of business

$350 number is absolute horseshit for multiple reasons, it reminds me of when everyone was saying the Wii U was going to be $200. Anyone seriously expecting $350 is going to be seriously disappointed, there's even a very good chance it'll be $450 (though I'm betting on $400).

Tagging anyways for the other stuff.

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Well.. that´s hard to believe. Those new consoles will probably cost more than $ 400 for the basic versions. Anyway, these are just speculations. We even haven´t seen the console so far.

DietSoap said:
$350 number is absolute horseshit for multiple reasons, it reminds me of when everyone was saying the Wii U was going to be $200. Anyone seriously expecting $350 is going to be seriously disappointed, there's even a very good chance it'll be $450 (though I'm betting on $400).

Tagging anyways for the other stuff.

I'm betting on $399.

Price should not be $349 Sony will be throwing away money because I believe the system will sell through its stock at $400. Such a low price wouldn't afford them any more sales, just less revenue.

sales2099 said:
Didn't anybody learn the lesson this week? You over hype things and the reality will always fall short. You can and have every right to be excited, but make realistic predictions.

From my memory, every E3 from the past few years is a disappointment to everybody. Its not about who "won" but who "disappointed the least". Then again, we do have 2 new consoles to showcase, so I hope I am wrong here.

That's a really good point - the last E3's have been about who sucked the least. If we get to see both the nextbox and more PS4, hopefull it'll be a great showdown.

I remember reading in one of my old Game Masters that people though PS3 would launch for £180. Funnily enough, it don't even retail for that 6 years after launch! PS4 won't be cheap but it shouldn't so expensive either. I expect it to cost £300 to £350 at launch. Expensive but not the £425, PS3 launched for

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