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Do you think Homosexuality can be cured?

WHAT?? You can't cure it. 61 31.77%
You Can't, Homosexuality is a Choice 9 4.69%
No, it's just a matter o... 39 20.31%
Yes, Through Psychological/Social Therapy 19 9.90%
Yes, Through Drugs, It's... 8 4.17%
Yes, though Genetic Modifications 9 4.69%
Yes, though Drugs & T... 6 3.13%
I'm not sure 8 4.17%
See Results 33 17.19%
Runa216 said:
Many of the posts in this thread sadden me, and a few straight up sicken me. Seriously? Comparing Homosexuality to alzheimers or aspergers? What the fuck is wrong with this world? I can't believe this conversation is even capable of happening.

If you have a problem with homosexuality, you are a despicable human being.

If you honestly think homosexuality is a disease and is harmful to the social fabric, you are ignorant, and you are the problem.

If you think Homosexuality is any more a choice than heterosexuality, then you are ignorant.

If you perpetuate the loosely held social stances above, then you need to be forcibly removed from civilized society, go live in the past, you're not welcome in the future.

I come across as harsh, I know, and I'm sure I'll be reported a dozen times from everyone offended by my harsh statements, but I don't care. why? I'm offended at some of the ignorant, rude, aggressively intolerant statements seen in this thread, and I believe extreme problems need to be met with extreme measures. I'd rather talk things out peacefully, but sometimes you need to know when it's a lost cause.

So, Homosexuality. Tell me, why would it need to be cured? It's a naturally occuring phenomena not just in humans but in many creatures, it doesn't hurt anyone (and keep in mind, correlation does not equal causation), and frankly, regardless of age, you have a right to do what you want with your body. If you want to shove dildos up your ass, or (even better) get your buddy to fuck you, that's your business and nobody else's business save the person with you.

I'm so sick of so much of modern society hinging on burying its nose in everyone else's business. if I want to put in a cock ring, that's my business. if I want to fuck dudes, that's my business. Hell, if I wanted to hang upside down and have someone drip hot wax on my ball sack, that's my business, and don't dare try to tell me something that isn't harming anyone else is immoral.

The bottom line on the issue is: My body, my business. Unless my actions are harming others (and no, I don't mean offending), then you have no right to tell me what I can and cannot do. That goes for what hand I write with, what gender I prefer my partners to be, or what I do with my own body.

Some people truly disgust me.

Whoever said Homosexuality is a condition which is harmful to the human race?

You answered yourself why homosexuality should be "cured." You said" "regardless of age, you have a right to do what you want with your body."

So homosexuals who don't want to "shove dildos up your ass, or (even better) get your buddy to fuck you" Are you saying we should force them to? People are born homosexually, either through some biological process or some psychological process which affects people when they're young. Regardless, homosexuals do not have a choice in the matter. You said it yourself, homosexuality is not a choice.

So why are you so adament into forcing people to be homosexual, when not all homosexuals wish to remain homosexual?

Your body, your buisness, but if you're a homosexual, you're not allowed to be heterosexual?

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fordy said:
Michael-5 said:

Yes, I am awar for an extended period of time (8 weeks?) fetus's have no gender. They have a stub, which either grows into a penis, or falls off and becomes a vagina. However in the end, we are either one or the other because of the estrogen/testosterone level in our bodies. Rarely are we both, or neither.

I guess.....transexualism wouldn't be a bad thing, but not the way it's performed now. When a male converts to a female, they drain the contents of his penis, invert it, and expand the inside. Transexual females never have overies, they cannot procreate, and I'm not sure, but I don't think they have periods, or lubricate themselves during intercourse.

So what a transexual is now, I don't agree with. An inverted Penis is not a Vagina. Boobs and body hair, that can be manipulated through hormone adjustments, but the whole bottom part.......We just aren't capable of converting people like nature can assign people.

As for converting because of ridicule, yea I understand that, but we can't really force people to live in an anti homosexual family, and force them to stay homosexual.

Obviously there are a lot of issues, but we can't ignore a single one. A Cure, tolerance, etc, all must be worked on simultaneously.

There are other genetic traits that can define Male (XY) and Female (XX). Some can contain illegal chromosome combinations (YY) or even more than two chromosomes. It's outside the realms of textbook "sexual reproduction" but the question is, should it be treated, or can one of these eventually become another evoloutionary step?

I'm not sure if the prcedure is that simple. Some of the initial organ has to go towards construction of the clitoris etc. My unserstanding is, the lubrication is stil there, but not the others, but the same is the case with women who have perhaps had their ovaries removed because of cancer or soemthing. Not everything humankind does is based on procreation. Why do you think dildos and fleshlights were made?

If a homosexual was in an anti-homosexual family, I'd recommend family counselling before ANY drugs are administered. You don't kill a weed by chopping the leaves off. You have to go for the root of the problem, and homosexuality itself isn't a problem; some people jsut make it out to be a problem.

I disagree with simultaneous action. If acceptance was worked on before curing, then the cure would be administered for the right reasons only. In the opposite situation, I think we'd see cures being administered for the wrong reasons, and thus acceptance may never grow to a real thing. Simultaneous is probably cutting it just a little too close for comfort...

Should sex defining traits be treated? Depends, isn't Down Syndrome having a 3rd Chromosome? That should be treated always. I dunno what YY give you, an infertile female? If so, yes that should be treated. As for other traits, I'm not aware of any positive mutations in this aspect, so IMO yes they should be treated.

As for the surgery itself, I think it's gross. I'd be more into converting people genders if they actually could to it accuratly. It doesn't matter if she is lacking ovaries, but the idea that some girls out there have inverted penis's for vagina's....that's not a substitution, and while that individual might be a happier person, what about the people she sleeps with? Do they not have a right to know if they are having sex with a Vagina or an Inverted Penis?

Should people who have participated in sex change opperations, at the level of quality they have now, be treated in the same way people with HIV are treated? Legally (In Canada) HIV carriers have to inform their sexual partners about their condition before they can have sex. Thus if someone contracts HIV and wasn't aware of you carrying, you can be in serious trouble. Sex Change doesn't have any contractable desease, but IMO it's equally as unwelcoming. Should we force these people to tell their partners about their conditions?

Can you cure acceptance to homosexuality? If not, is it wrong to offer homosexuals who wish to be heterosexuals under pressure a way out?

What about homosexuals with or without family pressures, who just want to be heterosexual? What about a Mama's Boy who just wants to make mom proud and give her grandchildren, and have a family?

A "cure" may be administered incorrectly, in some cases, but is it worth not having at all?

What about a cure which turns homosexuals into bisexuals, favoring the opposite gender. What's your thoughts on that? This way a homo gets everything, does he not (Family, maybe children, but still stays gay).

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NO and NO. And are not opinions, NO and NO are FACTS.

And are you kidding us with that poll?????

Homosexuality IS NOT A CHOICE.
Homosexuality IS NOT A ILLNESS. So the word "cure" is incorrect and so immature.

NONE of the poll options adheres to reality.

Sounds like an ultra conservative religious stance from the Dark Ages. It was not until the last quarter of the twentieth century that homosexuality was no longer regarded as a mental illness.or a criminal act in western developed civilised nations. Homosexuals are still executed in some Islamic nations: Middle East and parts of Africa.

NintendoPie said:
Euphoria14 said:

No offense to those who live their lives based on it, but tell that to those who live their lived based on a 2000+ year old book...

That's pretty offensive to those people.

I'm religious and, based off of my comments in this thread, would you think I'm ignorant to this subject like you're implying?


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Do you think Heterosexuality can be "cured"?


Red hair, lefthanded, blue eyes, homosexuality,... all is the same.

Is not a problem, is not an illness.

I don't care about people's sexuality. Its trivial. That's like caring about someone haircut.

What a disgusting topic. Of course it can't be cured you sick bastard!

Ghutto said:
Do you think Heterosexuality can be "cured"?

nice one.