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Recently (last week) I realized I need to at least try to keep up with playing games. So I've now decided to adopt a 5 game plan which means I restrict myself to playing 5 games and when one of them finishes I can replace it and move on. These five games are Black Ops (probably will take awhile before I give this a long break. Barely even touched the campaign or zombies yet.), Borderlands 2 (including all the dlc from the season pass), Okami HD, Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.

Brotherhood I actually just finished the main story and I've rebuilt most of Rome so now I'm just going to mess around with some side quests, building factions, cruise through all the lairs, build my Assassin's more and mess around a little with the MP just to judge the game overall. So Brotherhood will be complete in another playthrough sequence or two. Borderlands 2 I'm only level 16 and I was only playing it singleplayer but I'm just playing it co-op through here on out, I imagine it will probably take awhile to finish this. Okami I just barely started so this will take awhile too.

Mass Effect I will cruise right through. I'm hoping to finish it in less than 30 hours. I beat it twice as paragon and a renegade on the 360 (playing it on PS3 now that the complete experience is available). I started a female Shep playthrough too and made it a quarter of the way or something. Needless to say I know what to do it's just a matter of ironing out what I want my character to be. 

Once I'm done with Mass Effect I'll go straight to Mass Effect 2 which I should be able to cut a lot of hours since I completed a playthrough of it before mass effect 1 was released on PS3. As for ACB, after that I will start up God of War Chains of Olympus and try to work my way through all the GOW games before Asecension comes out. 

What are you playing?

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Gravity Rush.

I always try to play only one game at a time so I don't dilute the experience, but sometimes it's impossible.

I find that a good strategy is to alternate systems and genres if you can, so you don't overdose on one or the other.

Enjoy the games!

Resident Evil 4 on PC, with lots of texture mods etc.

It's an amazing game, I never played it until a couple weeks ago, I bought because I liked Re5, which I bought a month ago.

I just beat Binary Domain which has a very cliche sci-fi story, and fairly generic TPS, but it's extremely charming.

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.

I too adopt the 1 game rule per system, I finish before starting another one.

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Dashboard on the 360 it's really hard


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Final fantasy viii

I occasionally play Halo: CE and Halo 2 on my PC. Mario Kart 7 still takes some of my time as well.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess occupied most of my time recently though, since I decided to replay it. Finished it yesterday, and will probably go back to Halo 4 now.

Also currently have a Pokémon Blue file going. I'm on Victory Road though so that game shouldn't last too long from now on.

F.E.A.R. 2

Best AI I've ever seen in an Ego-Shooter

As for single player games i don't like playing more than 2 at once. One at a time is even better but sometimes i get tempted to start a second. Just finished Little Big Planet 2 main story.

SP - Quantum Conundrum, Scott Pilgrim
MP - Blops 2, MW3 Spec Ops

Right now I'm playing Pokemon Black. I have also came to a conclusion where I have to limit myself from playing too many games. A good majority of them are RPGS.Also since they were cheap I didn't hesitate to buy them so I have:

DQ 9

Megaman Starforce 2


Kingdom Hearts 3D

Pokemon Black

Doesn't end there either, but those are the ones I have to get out the way.