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Will the Wii U have the endurance of the HD consoles?

Yes 32 36.78%
No 55 63.22%

With the Wii U just releasing, many people have compared its launch to the the HD consoles' launches. Oftentimes people use this comparison to conclude that the Wii U's launch is pretty good. But people should understand that this conclusion could be flawed depending on how the Wii U lives its life.

The PS3 and 360 did not have good launches. By most measures they were pretty terrible. In fact, years after they released, most people still believed they would ultimately be low-selling consoles, probably selling under 40m units. These weren't bad estimates at the time either; the consoles were just selling so poorly. Fortunately, the HD consoles compensated for their weak start by having strong later years. Sales picked up so much that they didn't peak until their 5th & 6th years.

The Wii's life by contrast was very frontloaded and seemed much more like a sprint. It had a great launch and peaked in it's 2nd year. After which, sales dropped fairly hard but it's overall sales were still great. However, what if the Wii had a poor launch? Would it have compensated later on? I don't think so. Unlike the HD consoles, the Wii's life seemed more focused on a powerful start. I don't think it would have had the endurance like the PS360 to compensate for a weak launch.

If I had to guess I would say the Wii U is a sprinter like its predecessar. In which case, its start is much more important than the PS3 and 360's start. That's why the PS360 vs Wii U comparisons aren't necessarily accurate indications for the future of the Wii U. The Wii U may not have the endurace of the PS360 to compensate for a weak launch. I'm personally not sure how the Wii U will live its life, I just thought this was an important point that most people seemed to miss.

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Both the PS3 and the XBox 360 had much better specs. They were marathon runners because their consoles were more future proof.

The WiiU is an 8th generation console, but the specs are closer to Microsoft/Sony's 7th gen consoles that they will be to the corresponding 8th generations consoles. Meaning it won't have legs.

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It's impossible to say whether it is a sprint or marathon runner just taking the WiiU into account. We will have to know when/how the other consoles will arrive, prices, etc. before making conclusions.

I do think PS4 and Nextbox will have a longer life

The PS3/360 were future proofed because of their bleeding edge specs for the time.

They were bred to be marathon runners.

Wii U is definitely not that. It needed a good start much moreso.

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what defines each of these runners ?

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Finally a good question that doesn't involved the Wii U being doom.

Like you said if we go by history the launch of a console does not determine the outcome of the console's life. Even though I consider first impressions to be very important, in the long run they doesn't really matter, especially in terms of video games.

I would consider the consoles launch mildly important since the launch shows what the system can do in terms of the Operating System and how can games use (in case if needed) the new controller (aka Wii Sports and NintendoLand), but in terms of games is impossible to decide the future of the system.

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I think it needs to be a sprinter to get ahead of The upcoming releases of the 720 and sony 4, but it is probably a marathon runner.

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It entirely depends on how Nintendo reacts. I want to say marathon runner but nintendo gave up towards the end of the wii years. This coming E3 will be very telling I think

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