Forums - Politics Discussion - Are you Democrat or Republican?? Take the Quiz.  take this quiz to see if you are really belong to the party you say you do.  Your results may surprise you.  Please post the results and state whether or not they agreed with what you call yourself.

For instance, I actually called myself on the border or the two parties but found out I am 75% Republican and 29% Democrat.  Not sure why the total percent adds to 104 though.

Here is another one

I scored 86% Republican and 38% Democrat.



UGH.  It seems like yet again people have chosen to nitpick the shit out of a post.  People, it is just  a damn survey.  Get over yourselves.


OK I took the political compass test and here are the results.


So I am closer to neutral according to this.  

Here is the link for others to test :

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The irony being they are basically indistinguishable on major issues, and on the minor issues the parties are not consistent (e.g. Dems are about gun control but Rep are socially conservative? Which party is for individual liberty?).

Some of those questions have biased wording or wrongly state the official positions of each party.

I got 60% Rep, 60% Dem, I don't fall on a Rep-Dem scale fiscally (I want a default) and I am extremely socially liberal.

I didn't really look at the second one and did not complete the first one, but looking at the first one... it doesn't really seem to cover that much and the questions seem a bit oddly worded. It seems like maybe a "Republican" wrote it.

cloud1161 said:

For instance, I actually called myself on the border or the two parties but found out I am 75% Republican and 29% Democrat.  Not sure why the total percent adds to 104 though.

Because the quiz is most likely bullshit and put together by idiots with an agenda.


BTW: It said I was 90% Rep and 7%Dem.

66% Republican and 33% Democrat?!? O.o OH HELL NAAAWW!

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Why were there like... 5 questions on affirmitive action, and why were the questions so leading? Big business is evil? Communism would have worked? Clearly a quiz with an agenda.

So this quiz says I'm 50% Democrat and 46% Republican. Problem is, while both parties have issues, I am certainly not 46% a republican. Questions on communism and big business being evil? Biased quiz is biased.




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The quiz says i'm 58% republican and 35% democrat. I do not side with republicans. This quiz blows because certain questions aren't fleshed out enough. Like Question "Increasing taxes paid by Americans will help the economy."

That can be a Yes or No. Depending on how the government decides to spend it.

The first test is, confirmed, biased and not a good test at all to determine your political stance.

I tested out the test by giving answers I KNEW it didn't want me to make, and I got 0% Republican and 87% Democrat. Test is pretty stupid if it can't even calculate up to 100% correctly.

I scored 93% Republican, 13% Democrat.  Though that 13% mostly consists of not choosing either way and just selecting the middle bubble.

Some of the questions in the first quiz troubled me, for instance:

"Ministers have the right to endorse a presidential candidate during a public sermon."

Why shouldn't they?  Who supports regulating what ministers can and cannot say?  First Amendment, anybody?

"Doctors who have a moral objection to abortion may refuse to provide one and still keep their medical license."

I can't imagine why this would ever be an issue for people.  A great many people find abortion abhorrent and if they choose not to perform it, they shouldn't lose their license.  That's ridiculous.  

I can't believe some of these are even questions... has society just completely gone to hell?