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SPIKE = http://www.spike.com/netstorage/events/video-game-awards/live/
GT = http://www.gametrailers.com/video-game-awards/live



Friday, December 7, 9 PM ET / 6 PM PT / 2 AM GMT


(Changed topic title, still in Sony forums though doh')

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why not on forum? D: Or maybe a live (without refreshing) forum?? If that exists lol

EDIT: considering there will be lots of non Sony news, I think this would be better for Sony E3 2013.

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IRC or a shoutbox would work.

But that's not why I'm here, because I'm a Xbox fan more than a Playstation fan I'm suddenly not invited Aldro-bear?!

VGAs. we need to talk about this.

that's ur job

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No reason to restrict it. I want to hear some of our anti-Sony crew tell us how bland the textures in The Last of Us are.

Well sure anyone is welcome :D but I hope 360 fans wont get upset when I spam the shout because I tend to do that lol.

But yeah, something like a mini window we can have in our explorer, where we just type as we watch it. It'd give impressions instantly and avoid the "Refresh" Oh shit I have 4 pages to read on X_X lol

But like we need a lot of people, and I hope many will watch it. Like I want CGI & Ethomaz for one XD



Try this link? Does it work for everyone? I wonder if it lasts forever :0


You can just make it small and have it up while watching (so no full screen video for you!)

I'm in

Great, it works, cya all Friday.

Don't be mad when I spam it during Gears trailer though :P