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Friday, December 7, 9 PM ET / 6 PM PT / 2 AM GMT


(Changed topic title, still in Sony forums though doh')

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why not on forum? D: Or maybe a live (without refreshing) forum?? If that exists lol

EDIT: considering there will be lots of non Sony news, I think this would be better for Sony E3 2013.

IRC or a shoutbox would work.

But that's not why I'm here, because I'm a Xbox fan more than a Playstation fan I'm suddenly not invited Aldro-bear?!

VGAs. we need to talk about this.


Goal Post Chartz             

that's ur job

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No reason to restrict it. I want to hear some of our anti-Sony crew tell us how bland the textures in The Last of Us are.

Well sure anyone is welcome :D but I hope 360 fans wont get upset when I spam the shout because I tend to do that lol.

But yeah, something like a mini window we can have in our explorer, where we just type as we watch it. It'd give impressions instantly and avoid the "Refresh" Oh shit I have 4 pages to read on X_X lol

But like we need a lot of people, and I hope many will watch it. Like I want CGI & Ethomaz for one XD


Try this link? Does it work for everyone? I wonder if it lasts forever :0


You can just make it small and have it up while watching (so no full screen video for you!)

I'm in

Watch this space - counting down to the GOTG soon

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Great, it works, cya all Friday.

Don't be mad when I spam it during Gears trailer though :P