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Tournament Rules (1v1/3 Kills)

Items + Hazards 31 42.47%
No Items + Hazards 11 15.07%
Items + No Hazards 3 4.11%
No Items + No Hazards 22 30.14%
Practice Stages Only 5 6.85%

Good day, everyone!

The reason I asked you not to posts until now is that this thread will not be managed solely by me. Consider the first three replies by M.U.G.E.N, JoeTheBro and Runa216 as continuations of the OP. I won't be able to keep track of this thread at all times. With that said, let's get to it!

This thread has 3 main purposes!

1) Tournaments --

We'll be hosting a tournaments either weekly or bi-weekly (depending on how well this thread catches on). We'll be keeping track of tourney brackets and a leaderboard for winnings. You don't need to win a tournament to score on the board. You automatically receive one point for fighting in the tournament. Each win lands you an additional point. Example:

Knocked out round 1 = 1 point.
Knocked out round 2 = 2 points.
and so on...

This will be the sign up sheet:
1. Dgc1808 (PSN: Detsuki-G)
2. Aldro (PSN: Aldro)
3. Think-man ( PSN: Vankwisha)
4. kupomogli
5. TruckOSaurus (PSN: TruckOSaurus)


Simply copy/paste, add your name and a number if needed (not phone number...). If we don't land at a perfect 2^n number (4, 8, 16, etc.) we'll work out a funky tourney bracket if we have to so that everyone is included. List does not determine pairings. Pairings will be made randomly  before mathces. I will do my best to keep track in the OP. My friends mentioned above and posted below will help out in my absence if they're available.

2) Designated Time Slots -

The poll at the top isn't just for tournaments. The goal of this thread is to build, and sustain a VGC community for the game. This will take much discussion but I want to establish a time slot or two each week at which most of you are free. The goal is to have an hour (hopefully two a week) at which VGC members can expect to hop in this thread or join a text chat/party chat and expect their friends and fellow members to be there. Setting up games (1v1, 2v2, FFA, etc.), discussing game mechanics and of course some occasional trash talk and bragging (let's never get personal, though). The games at these events won't be kept track of on the leader-board, of course. 

These time slots will be mentioned in the thread title and posted in bold big letters in the OPs of this thread. Actually, to make sure they're not missed, I'll be making giant pictures as I can't get a big enough font in the post edit, lol.

This is really the aspect of the thread I'm most excited about and really want to nail down. It's going to be the most challenging I expect, but I hope you guys like the idea as well.

3) A General thread for the game -

Even if a tourney isn't near or a time-slot isn't close by; feel free to pop in, set up a lobby, some games, discuss the game, talk about unlocks and collectibles, game mechanics and chill. Organization of group-play is a big focus, but this is still a Playstation All-Stars thread. 

Excuse my terrible English, I'm now going back and reading everything to fix any errors I notice.

With all of that said, let the thread commence.

Change Log:

(18 Nov 2012)

Thread --
1) Question Segmet added 

Tournament --
1) I will start using pictures for tournament dates and times as well as designated time slots.
2) Tourney time has been changed.
3) More detail on pairings added.

(24 Nov 2012)

Thread --
1) News Section Added

Tournament Rusults

Aldro VS CapCharisma Video-


(24 Nov '12) Interview with Seth Killian. Discusses future DLC Kat and Emmett, his desire for Katamari, and more. 

(1 Dec '12) Patch 1.02 -- Bug fixes and Sackboy nerf

(4 Dec '12) Kat & Emmett + New stage Detailed. Scans as well!

(8 Dec '12) Kat & Emmett Details + Gameplay

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