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noname2200 said:
Mr Khan said:
 once i get a damn fucking job and move out,

Mr. Khan, you don't have to put out the red light!

Sorry, more of my inner thoughts are leaking out...

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sethnintendo said:

I did notice that they made you do a Wii update when visiting the Wii Shop Channel a few days ago. I suppose this update is just another "counter" against the homebrewers/hacked systems?  I don't see any info about the recent update on their update history page.

They do it rather often, but the worse update can do is to delete Homebrew Channel, which is not an issue if your Wii is already soft-modded (there're dozen of ways you could birng homebrew back, like exploits, or personally I do have entire NAND backup and could restore my Wii at any point or unmod it by myself like it never been hacked). On top of all, there's really not a single reason for visiting Wii Shop anymore, if there was a reason, I'd probably never bothered to softmod my Wii.

So they've finally confirmed my suspicions. Great.

Sorry Nintendo, but I won't transfer my Wii to the Wii app just yet.

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