Will Persona 4 Golden be the highest rated game ever? Will this game save JRPG?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - Will Persona 4 Golden be the highest rated game ever? Will this game save JRPG?

Its currently sitting at 98:



This make it rated as high as GTA4, the highest rated game of the 7th gen... I just can say 1 thing: WOW o_O


I know it has only 4 reviews, but still, 98. :O

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Bit early for that don't you think?

Come back to us when there are 25 or so reviews in.

If you want me to guess... I'll say no.

I'm not really here!

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Highest rated RPG, maybe. Highest rated game? Not a chance. As for the later part of your title, have you seen the sales of the lastest Pokemon game?

Oh Turkish...

He's a Wings of Honneamise fan. I can't help but like the guy.

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Possibly, but whats the highest rated JRPG evar


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Persona is a boring game, I don't believe in those reviews at all.

Oh Turkish, calm down.

IGN haven't released their review yet. No point worrying about the score as it is now, that'll drag it down a few notches!

I do believe that it'll be the higest rated Vita game though. Most reviewers seem to love the series.  I'm thinking between 90-92.

Play4Fun said:
Oh Turkish...

lol this.

Lol, sure. It's already my GOTY, even though I haven't played yet.

Still, never played Persona but I've watched some Lets Play vids on Youtube and I'm super hyped for this!

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