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Halo 4 has set a franchise record for biggest opening day. The game sold 3.1 million units according to VGChartz estimates. This is a 70 percent increase over total number of pre-orders. The majority of the sales were in the USA which sold 1.9 million units or 60 percent of the total sales. The game sold 1.2 million units in the rest of the world. To compare, this is an increase of about 15 percent over Halo 3 and Halo: Reach day one sales.

Halo 4 is expected to sell about four million units worldwide by the end of the week. This is an increase over Halo 3 which sold 3.8 million units worldwide in its first week and an increase over Halo: Reach which sold 3.7 million units.

If sales hold up for the rest of the week it would become the biggest launch for an exclusive console game in history. However it would not break the record for biggest opening, which goes to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 which sold a combined 14 million units and 7.5 million units on the Xbox 360.

Halo 4 launched in North America and across Europe, with a release date in Japan on November 8.

Source: VGChartz, thanks William/Trunks



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Let's see what will Microsoft report later
Btw how was Reach,3 first day sold?

Well deserved numbers too. Best FPS I've ever played


D-Joe said:

Let's see what will Microsoft report later
Btw how was Reach,3 first day sold?

Not sure, only revenue figures were disclosed I believe.

Important to note though, VGC's was actually a bit low on AC3 recently as well, so Halo 4 could even be a little big higher than reported.

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It had 1,820,000 pre-orders in the USA according to vgchartz and apparently it has only sold 1.9m in the USA? So only 80k people who bought it yesterday haven't preordered it? I call BS.

sperrico87 said: Lol Halo 4 is not going to sell 6 million in it's opening week. I would be shocked if it even broke 2 million.



Well I will not be close =p.


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Man-bear-pig predicted 4.4 million first week lets see if he's right.