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the mickey game was fantastic. a really great game.

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Front Mission 3. What a game. Shame my copy broke.

Trauma Center: New Blood

Kimi wa ne tashika ni ano toki watashi no soba ni ita

Itsudatte itsudatte itsudatte

Sugu yoko de waratteita

Nakushitemo torimodosu kimi wo

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Shadow of the Beast for the Amiga

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The Unholy War for ps1, an addicting 3d fighting game.

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Klax, and the mickey game was pretty good too

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Cybernator - Snes
Twin Caliber - PS2
Alisia Dragon - Mega Drive
Silicon valley - N64
Goemon 2 - N64
Yuke Yuke Trouble Makers (or Mischief Makers) - N64
Dragon View - Snes
Berseck - PS2
and many others

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Way of the Samurai - PS2
The Magic Kingdom - NES
Overlord - NES

Out of This World-SNES


Doshin the Giant-GC

I believe Cubivore and Doshin both broke 100k+ in Japan, but I don't think they did much elsewhere. Doshin wasn't even released in the US; still the only game I've ever imported. People know about OoTW, so it's not completely unknown, but I'd wager far more people do not know about it than those who do.

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probably nba street

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