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What did you think of Microsoft's E3?

Best E3 EVER! 21 3.65%
Best MS E3 I've seen in a while 11 1.91%
Great! 30 5.21%
It was decent 65 11.28%
Meh... 130 22.57%
Just...no 115 19.97%
Worst E3 ever! 107 18.58%
See results 92 15.97%

Boo! Love my 360 and I'm going to play the fuck out of it but I'm underwhelmed by what I've seen. When is Nintendo up?

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M.U.G.E.N said:
TruckOSaurus said:
mantlepiecek said:
And what was that XBL joke the south park guys made?

I don't remember exactly but they said something along the lines of "Have you ever watched an episode of South Park and wished you could play as a character on the show, have it display on your mobile phone, then transfer to your PC and coffee maker"

"and play it while sitting in the fridge"

That reply officially gives this conference another point. Awesome.

Carl2291 said:
If this is a big surprise, this dropped to a 4/10

Usher was awful, CoD is same-old same-old.

Actuslly, this COD looks pretty fresh compared to what IW shows. 

yeah that's definitely looking like Resistance

but tbh it looks better than I expected

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Wow, such hectic gameplay. Poor guy must be sweatin'.

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CGI-Quality said:
Jadedx said:
Where the fuck is the price drop?

Probably gonna wait to see what Sony does. I wouldn't count it out just yet.

Also, VERY wise of them to end the show with the biggest game their console will see all year! Not a bad show from them this year, tops many of their past ones, because they did focus a lot on core games, in addition to apps and things for the more casual end of things.

What conference are you watching where you think there's an even split here?

wasnt there supposed to be a squareenix reveal?

chris212223 said:
Solid-Stark said:
I don't like how RE6 is looking :/

Neither do i...as i watched it i thought to myself Michael Bay presents: Resident Evil 6.

Haha right!

Gameplay looks alot like Operation Racoon City


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uuugh dones?

they're closing with blop II? a little weak imo, they atleast should've ended with Gears of War Judgement