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VicViper said:
NintendoPie said:

The people at Sony seem to have quite boring parties.

And worse... men-only parties in locker rooms.

It also seems they have nothing in their cups... shesh!

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Sal.Paradise said:
cyberninja45 said:

Any differences between this game and smash bros aren't really there for gameplay but for legal concerns.

This is a picture of the Sony board enjoying the money they rake in from their Smash Bros clone.



How does this make you feel?

Kinda sad for them actually because they made none. But since they didn't make a loss I guess it's good news.

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I like the fact that you HAVE to fight if you want to score points but still it was so fun to "steal" points in Smash Brothers from other characters like jumping to the bottom kick someone and get back to the edge.

I hope they include a "ring out" mode.

It does look very similar to SSB, but you know what, fuck it. SSB is so much fun, and I hope this game can come close to that.

Honestly, one of the departments that this is absolutely going to DESTROY SSB is in online multiplayer. Brawl is really fun...if you are playing against humans. In Brawl if i didn't have some friends around the online was a laggy mess and was impossible to play. With PSN a full 4-person game is merely a button click away.

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cyberninja45 said:
pezus said:
cyberninja45 said:

Does damaging your opponent cause them to fly further in this game? 'cause I think Nintendo would have a case here if it does.

I highly doubt that, since you don't have HP or %

Well if its true, it should be enough to keep them out of the courtroom.

If you could sue over gameplay similarity all current FPS game companies would be in legal hell.  You don't see Activision sueing Bungie for adding perks to Halo Reach.

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Oh, by the way does this game look familiar to anyone? There was a famous court case where Capcom sued Data East over that game. Guess how that turned out?

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OMG i like what i see. Definitely my most wanted this year.

And for all the ninty fans bashing this game. Even if it is very similar to your almighty Super Smash Bros but who cares?
Its like saying Microsoft should never make Forza because its a copy of Gran Turismo. Or any company shoudnt make a fun racer because ninty has mario kart. Or any company shouldnt make a 2d PLattformer because Ninty has Super Mario Bros.This is really stupid thinking.

Reminds of all the Uncharted is a Tomb Raider clone threads.

As always with me, the more negativity I read about a game, the more interested I get. I was never a fan of SSB and had no interest in this game but after reading all the internet hate and the slating given to it by gametrailer's Invisible Wars. I'm convinced the game won't be as bad as everyone thinks, I'm almost tempted to pre-order it. I think I'll wait for release date and pricing before deciding.

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Amazon has listed Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale and is now available to pre-order. I still don't like the name.

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pezus said:
Sal.Paradise said:

Well make that 2 people then I don't make things up.


OT: some fun new screens: 

Damn the graphics actually look really good

It really looks amazing. But what people don't get is that brawler games like Super Smash Bros. are not something that's owned by anyone or anything, it's practically a genre and just because the game plays a bit like SSB and incorporates the same concept as it DOESN'T make it a Rip-Off! Also, I believe the art style choice was great, even if it does look a lot like SSB, I believe the real reason for the art style is because it's the best way to mix up a GRITTY Shooter or fighter character like Colonel radec and Sweet Tooth with colorful characters like PaRappa and Fat Princess. Besides, this game is a fan service. I myself, when playing SSB though "hey, it would be awesome to see a game like this but with PlayStation characters".


How is it not awesome to see PaRappa The Rapper kicking mecha Sweet Tooth in the face!!! EPIC XD