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Dead or Alive Paradise: How the hell were me and my friends supposed to masturbate when the girls look like crap?
and I guess Heavy Rain since I heard so much praise only to find a slightly entertaining telenovela.

don't waste time

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I'm feeling tired like hell, so I'll just recycle some efforts from the past.

Heavenly Sword

I could really go out of my way to piss people off by complaining about some of the highest rated games...so that's precisely what I'll do!

1 - Final Fantasy XIII - I know I already said it, but it took all the best parts of Final Fantasy and replaced them with boring, linear, shallow nonsense.

2 - Grand Theft Auto IV - III was revolutionary, vice City was all that was with better characters, setting, and gameplay options, and San Andreas was all that was good about Vice City with a much bigger, expansive, varied world, and an equally good story with equally appealing characters and more RPG elements. GTA IV took all the things that made VC and SA a leap ahead of their predecessor. Gone were the entertaining characters, instead we got Roman and Brucie. Gone was the asset management and all the extra missions that came with them. gone was the RPG elements that made you customize your character. Gone were the pretty, expansive, and varied locales, replaced by gray squares and cubes. The only thing it did right was try to make its own original plot rather than mishmashing together a bunch of movie references.

3 - modern Warfare 2 and 3 - First one had a great story with great characters, second one was 5 hours of nigh-incomprehensible garbage; all style, no substance. IT was like if Michael Bay directed a videogame, just going from one action scene to the next with no exposition or breathing room for contrast to make the scenes more effecting. the third one was the worst, clocking in at a mere 3.5 hours, it was little more than a glorified map-pack.

4 - Gears of War - Loved gears 3 and thoroughly enjoyed gears 2, but gears 1 was clunky, boring, cliche, poorly designed, and bland. it wasn't good, it didn't even look good for its time. trying to play this mess of a game almost put me off the gears series until I gave in and gave it another shot a few years down the line becuase I picked up Gears 2 for 10 bucks at a garage sale and liked it.

5 - Halo - The entire series. While to this day I confess I think the controls are tight...I find it fails pretty much everywhere else. the narrative is only good if you read the supplemental novels to explain the history, the game looks and feels sterile, like nothing is organic (I know that's what the halos are supposed to be, inorganic, but they jsut feel empty and boring as sin.) the game suffers from..I don't know what, but nothing looks or acts realistic enough to be engaging. not to mention this series is responsible for popularizing two things that made me hate First Person Shooters: regenerating health (shields, whatever, same difference), and being limited to only two weapons. now that we've lived for over a decade with those things being common, I can go back and not hate it, but when it was first introduced, I thought it was the dumbest thing in a videogame. I still think its dumb, but I'm outvoted.

6 - God of War - I just don't see the hype. The Combat is simplistic and repetitive, the puzzles are boring and easy, the story is poorly told, and the main character is not relateable at all. This is a game where you're not only playing the bad guy (which could be fun), you're playing a brutal, hateful mass murderer who's vicious and despicable, so much so that he killed his own family (seriously, if you haven't played it yet, too bad for the spoiler.) that's not tragedy, that's just pathetic, and the fact that you play through like 90% of this game without so much as a hint as to why you're carving a blood-soaked gash through greece just makes the rampage even worse. Also: enemies have too much health. instead of being hard to kill, they just take forever, meaning the game's like 2 hours inflated to 5 by repetition. also the level design fucking sucks.

7 - Ocarina of Time - Oh this is a big one. After all the talk about how it's the greatest game of all time, I can't help but smash my head into my desk, because everything that made this game special was done better before or after it, even in its own series. Not only did 90% of the game's ideas form in the original and Link to the Past, but Link to the Past had considerably more content to it (more dungeons, more items, etc), and every game since Ocarina has had better combat. While I admit I'm biased against the N64 and PS1 era, b ut the graphics were even atrocious. yeah, okay, they were 3D and 3D was relatively new, but I can look at NES and SNES games and smile happily, I can even look at PS2 and Gamecube graphics with a smile, but that era was a generation where everything looked like shit and everyone was willing to forgive it because "OMGITS3D!" No. it does not work that way. Thats not even to complain about the game's design; too many things relied entirely on luck or guessing, after consulting an FAQ, I just eyetwitched, realizing that there was no way I would have figured that out on my own, and there was no hints about it in the game that I found. Hell, I got to the final dungeon without the fire arrows only to consult an FAQ telling you that it was impossible, in spite of the game not telling you that or hinting at it in any way. Poor design choices, mediocre level design, atrocious graphics, hit-or-miss audio (some tracks were epic, some were just grating and annoying; forest temple anyone?), sloppy combat, and a minimalistic story (which was okay since the original and Link to the PAst had minimalistic stories, too; it wasn't until Wind Waker that the story was front row and center.) That said, it was merely 'good' for its time, a good way to show off what the N64 was capable of, so I give it credit, but after all the "OMGBESTGAMEVAR!" talk, it didn't even remotely come close. Huge disappointment there.

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Bloodborne, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Dark Souls III

Oblivion and Dragon Age

Oblivion was by far the most boring rpg I have ever played. Silent Character, bland main story, bad game design choices like the leveling system... after more than 30 hours of pure boredom it seemed to me that the whole game only consisted of sidequests. There was not one single part of the game that I liked. Since it got so much praise I expected a great game... therefore it was my biggest dissappointment.

Dragon Age... I started the game with the Elves because my wife is a big fan of fantasy stories with elves... after 30 minutes my wife felt asleep because the whole story was told in such a boring way.

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Resident Evil 5!!

either GT5 or fifa street 3

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LA Noire, Dragon Age. Those are the two I can think of.

(warning, mild venting ahead. If you loved either of these games look away)

LA Noire sounded so great...cutting edge technology, 40's detective work, wide open L.A. to explore...what could go wrong? (oh, right...everything) By the time I was running away from a bulldozer in a ditch and shooting at the bulldozer to slow it down...I realized I was in the middle of a freefall and it would only continue to go downhill from there. (and from what I've heard I was right) What I most regret is that I didn't take it back to sell it right then and there, and instead held onto for a few weeks while the price dropped.

As I got a PS3 in 2010, I had heard many good things about Dragon Age...turns out it's a bland, clunky, repetitive mess with massive amounts of useless, boring dialogue, empty 'choices', and forgettable characters. I love a good story in a game, too bad that was nowhere to be found here.

I've played worse games, but these are the ones that hurt the most. I fell for the hype for all of these games, thinking they would be great experiences.......

1) Oblivion - Sloppy, ugly, and boring

2) Modern Warfare 2 - short, cheap, nonsensical, and a total letdown

3) L.A. Noire - Repetitive and the plot falls apart towards the end with a horribly predictable ending.

4) Infamous - So much promise, but it ended up just giving me a headache. Everything about it annoyed me.

5) Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Douchiest, most pretentious game I've ever played. Horribly cramped hub worlds. Ridiculous level designs (cardboard boxes VERYWHERE and grown man sized air ducts). And I predicted everything that was going to happen after the first mission.

6) Mass Effect 3 - Glitchy. ABC endings that felt completely disconnected from any of the choices I made throughout the series.

7) Dragon Age 2 - Rushed product that shouldn't have seen the light of day.

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Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. I'd heard so much hype about Elder Scrolls games, and it's in a genre of which I'm a big fan (medieval fantasy RPG). I played it for several hours but it disappointed me right from the start and never got any better. I watched my son play a lot of Skyrim and didn't once get an urge to play it. But he bought Skyrim so I can't nominate that in addition.

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