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Some impressive software sales! Kid Icarus, DMC HD, One Piece, etc.

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The PSVita is totally trolling Rol right now.

Anywho, 3DS is doing a fantastic job in the land of the rising sun. And next week there'll be another big title in Kingdom Hearts. Henshin a go go baby!

Shame 3DS is still not doing great in Europe/America :( But still very nice Japan sales

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An Kid Icarus makes a great comeback after a 20 year break. 3DS outsells Vita harder than ever. Will 3DS go over 100k next week with Kingdom Hears which releases tomorrow?

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Vita flatlining.

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radishhead said:
Shame 3DS is still not doing great in Europe/America :( But still very nice Japan sales

What are you talking about? The EU/US sales of the 3DS are very good.

Damn the 3ds is a monsta!

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That made me laugh silently in my head.

3DS almost 100K, it's doing good in Japan, 6M here we come.

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jonnybmk said:
Great job 3DS.

And Kid Icarus is awesome by the way for those that have not tried it.

3DS should be on a roll here for a couple/few weeks.

Vita has leveled/stabilized, I think.



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