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Now, tell me!

Beat the first Bowser at SM64 5 27.78%
Defeat King Dogongo at OoT 0 0.00%
Complete Mushroom Cup on 50cc at MK7 0 0.00%
Why do you assume that I suck at video games? 13 72.22%

All right, I guess this topic is simple enough. What are your greatest gaming accomplishments?

Here's my top 5:


5. Actually complete Super Mario Bros (NES)


That's right, my signature doesn't lie: I tracked that bitch down, I found "TEH CASTLE!!1". And not only did I do it once; Peach told me that there was another adventure with greater challenges (actually there was only harder and faster enemies), so I did them too... What? That's easy to accomplish?? Well, I was proud once I made it at least...


4. Perfect Dark Zero (X360) - Dark Agent!


That's right, I made the impossible: Completed the entire story on Dark Agent! While many people found the Perfect Agent difficulty to be ridiculously hard, this bastard featured the very same thing in addition to absolutely zero health regeneration and no armours to pick up... To put this in perspective; one guy in my friend list has got every single achievment in this game EXCEPT this one... so, um yeah... I'm great...


3. F-Zero X (N64) - Master difficulty!


While F-Zero has always been known as one of the hardest racing series, this particular one truly made a name for itself. Not only did you always have to start at last place each time you won the previous race, but, unlike other F-Zero games, all opponents cheated! Yep, they had the boosting ability the entire first lap while you had to wait until the second one to catch up... Oh well, guess I can't complain far too much since I STILL WON!


2. Dead Space 2 (X360) - Hardcore difficulty!


Pretty similair accomplishment to number 4. But this time, it got way worse! Normally, you'd get a checkpoint at about every new room you entered so that you could respawn once you died (duh!). Also, there are about 20-30 saving points that you can use in case you'd wanna stop playing since the campaign takes about 6-8 hours depending on how much you care for supplies and ammo that are scattered all over the game. However, on the hardcore difficulty... you could only save three times! That's right, THREE FUCKING TIMES! But that's not the worst part: Each time you die you respawn at the latest save point!! So yeah, this took me a while (and the xbox even fucking froze at one point after 60% and no saves...) but I eventually made it!!!


1. Guitar Hero 3 (X360) - Through the Fire And Flames!


While some of you might not be too impressed by this, I SURE WAS!! And you know what? Not only did I beat this bitch, eventually I got 5 stars and 93%!!! Can you beat that?, nope didn't think so... And if you can, you're a nerd!


But, enough about me and my awesomeness, what's your greatest video game accomplishment(s)?

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Metal Gear Solid 3, European Extreme difficulty.

I was only about 14, it felt so good.

There are so many to choose from, but my proudest accomplishment would have to be the fact that I have never owned a Wii.

Carl2291 said:
I was only about 14, it felt so good.

Gaming accomplishments, you illiterate.

badgenome said:
Carl2291 said:
I was only about 14, it felt so good.

Gaming accomplishments, you illiterate.

No, I just like sharing weird sexual experiences on a videogame forum!

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Carl2291 said:
Metal Gear Solid

Gaming accomplishments, you illiterate.

Korppi said:
Carl2291 said:
Metal Gear Solid

Gaming accomplishments, you illiterate.

The AI in F-Zero X doesn't get to use the boost in lap 1, you must have got that impression because they pulled away from you everytime, but it's really not much of a problem to go into lap 2 in a top 5 position. Additionally, the AI was designed in a way that they didn't use all the boost they've got on the final stretch which made it easy to move up a few positions before the finish line. This stands in stark contrast with F-Zero GX where the AI used all their boost, making it a challenge to even maintain your position at times.

My greatest gaming accomplishments:

5) Beat the first four worlds of New Super Mario Bros. Wii entirely without the Super Guide.
4) Figured out what keys need to be used for in Skyward Sword without Fi telling me.
3) Got past the introduction of Final Fantasy XII. It's a real challenge to not switch off the console.
2) Bowled a score of 168 in Wii Sports.
1) Got all platinum medals in Blast Corps, finished Viewtiful Joe 2 on V-Extreme, got a file with all 141 A ranks in Sonic Heroes in 17 hours and almost beat Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn on hard without spending any money, without using Laguz to attack and still killing all enemies on each map (except for a total of 12 across the various timed maps). The reason why I haven't beaten it is because I didn't continue after softsaving in Part IV - Final (1). It's just a matter of getting around to it, because I am set up to complete it with ease.

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I'm lazy so I'll copy-paste what I wrote in a similar thread a while ago:

- I finished and got the good ending on Bubble Bobble (NES) - this means 100+ levels 2 times with the same 30sec of music looping in every level

- I finished Battletoads (NES) without using any warp zone, I did use the 5 lives code at the beginning though.

- I ALMOST beat The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES) without saving. Sadly a thunderstorm cut the power out as I was making my way to Ganon's palace.

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