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Acevil said:
I was sooo TEMPTED to go Combo breaker.

This.....But then I thought I would be ruining a potentially amazing thread so.....I didn't.

If this is me posting in a Nintendo thread I will kill myself

EDIT: Oh God, it is.... whelp so long, I was tricked into being here. Well played, smeags well played.


EDIT: You also forgot the category adventure-fighting, and also after fighting, you forgot fighting-(whatever the next category is...puzzle, maybe)

damn too late!

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

Nevermind. I'd like to recommend Swapnote.

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You guys can start recommending games now. :P

And this is going to include everything the 3DS offers. Retail. eShop, DSi games, even Virtual Console.

Bring it on.*

*Well... not now. I'm going to eat lunch now.

I recommend not buying a 3DS yet.


The only games I'd recommend are the obvious Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7

later in the year I will be getting Tales of the Abyss and Resident Evil: Revelations...so I'd recommend those as well.

Devil Survivor Overclocked in terms of RPG.


Acevil said:
Devil Survivor Overclocked in terms of RPG.

Is that an RPG or more of a Strategy RPG?