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5p: Morenoingrato
4p: Spurgeonryan
3P: Badgenome - Funny guy, but don't really know him that much
2p: Beuli - Like darth seems to have disappeared half way in the year
1p: OsamaNoObama - Can't really remember this user and how he is like.


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5 - badgenome
4 - morenoingrato
3 - Spurgeonryan
2 - Beuli2
1 - osamanobama

5p) ryan s - keeps the site from dying into an argument of speculation on sales. Fun guy
4p)Beuli2 - don't see him active much
3p) Moreno- Must post in mostly Ninty threads so don't know much
2p) OsamaObama- good taste in games do not agree with politics
1p)Badgenome- was funnier other years, but got overly involved in politics this year and I would say he is a polar opposite of me

Only really voted to vote for Ryan and missed voting up yo_john, but he got through without my help

5p - Osamanoobama
4p - spurgeonryan
3p - beul
2p - Morenoingrato
1p - Badgenome


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Thanks for voting on me the last round.. That was close and I peed my pants of excitement.. But I feel sexy now


5p- Badgenome (for his smile after we have buttsex)
4p- Morenoingrato (i'm sorry I sneaked out in the morning)
3p- Spurgeonryan (his sluttyness of adding every new member as a friend keeps this site a boy only club)
2p- osamaobama ( i'm drunk)
1p- beuli2 (without the other kid with the doggy avatar.. He became obsolete..)


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5p - Badgenome
4p - Morenoingrato
3p - Bueli2
2p - Spurgeonryan
1p - Osamanobama

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.

5 pts for badgenome ... he said he wants both my fists.
4 morn
3 for beuli. I vaguely remember him.
2 Spurge
1 obamanosama. What an unattractive username.

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5p - Spurgeonryan - Yeah, he posts too many threads but some of them are really good. I had a discussion with him recently about quality over quantity. I hope that he listens.
4p - Moreno - One of the most improved members on the site since his early days.
3p - Beuli - I actually like Beuli a lot, but haven't seen him much recently.
2p - Badgenome - A funny guy, yes. But needs to come up with more of his own material. Try writing a joke thread for once.
1p - Osamanobama - Worst username on the site.

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I feel like I keep missing this

5p - Badgenome
4p - Morenoingrato
3p - Beuli2
2p - Spurgeonryan
1p - Osamanobama

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Time for hype

Missed many rounds :(

5p - Badgenome
4p - Morenoingrato
3p - Spurgeonryan
2p - Beuli2
1p - Osamanobama