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Prince of Persia : Sands of Time , God of War , DMC3 ...

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No mention of Mass Effect? Fail.

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mrstickball said:
No mention of Mass Effect? Fail.
 My friend just finished it, he was well overjoyed with the ending. So much so he told me and ruined it for me if I ever get the damn thing, but it sounded pretty epic.


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Metal Gear Solid 3 has got to have the biggest payoff of any game I have ever played. I actually did cry, and feel an enormous sense of duty after those credits rolled. If you somehow missed it, play it now!

Super Mario 3 also fooled me with it's suprise twist. -Wiped the smile right off of my face. I imagine that once the credits rolled, and the curtain came down, Mario pimp-slapped the Princess! "Bitcha, don't-a you ever joke about that shit-a again-a!"

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how can it be that no one has mentioned ICOs ending?

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Stickball is right!!! Mass Effect's ending was truly EPIC!!!! Even if its opening wasn't stellar, the last 20 minutes of that game and the final cut scenes were beyond AMAZING!!!

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I know that the series is very inconsistent with its story, but I really enjoyed Heihachi's ending in Tekken 2, where he throws Kazuya into a volcano.

I'm fighting Saren in Mass Effect right now. I suspect this isn't the end of the game, but you guys have convinced me I need to be playing, and not posting right now. See ya!

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COD 4 - both endings ...

The *good* ending for Bioshock was totally heart warming

The final chase scene in NFS Most Wanted

The Legend of Zelda - a link to the past

Halo 1's ending