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Is there any chance it could go multi platform? I am interested in the game but only got a PS3. Any chances at all? :(

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I was all like YEA after reading title and then Merrrrrrrr after I read that bullshit comment

Although it is not AW2, there are two good things.
Alan Wake is still "alive" and Microsoft gets the chance to see that there is a huge demand for AW2.

Gunstringer went from being downloadable to full retail. Maybe...just maybe.

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chocoloco said:
Hoping it truly is a sequel and that they have a better conclusion.

The conclusion is excellent if you consider "The Writer".

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yes, yes, yes, yes ,yes!!

I'm not really here!

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New Bioware title? They're really spreading themselves thin

its not AW2..change the title

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We can confirm that this new “Alan Wake” game will be a fully standalone experience and released on Xbox LIVE.

Stay tuned for the announcement at the Spike Video Game Awards on December 10
seems like MS still publishing it

At first I was like, yey.

Then I was like, OH GO FUCK YOURSELF