How does stuff like this happen???

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That is truly revolting! There's even a second truck that simply drives over her already maimed body!! What the hell is wrong with the people in that video?!

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Shit like this is why for the most part I hate people.




Are you using this to further your self-righteous agenda?

You people are despicable cunts. You may as well have run the girl over.

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What the hell is wrong with these people? How can humans be so sick and desensitized?!? The people that walked by deserved to be shunned from all humanity and the drivers deserve to be run over by a truck like they did to that poor girl.

I hope she makes it :(

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I'll have to run this by my friend who's quite knowledgeable about Chinese cultural motivations and has been there several times. Curious to see if he can find some sort of explanation for this

Not going to watch, as i don't need any negativity :(

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This is just terrible. I can't even imagine just walking pass by a broken down girl and do nothing about it. I find it impossible, but somehow, 18 people manage to do it, as if it was nothing.



im debating if i should watch this video

but i already know 5 minute's from now that i will have already watched it

just like when i felt like my life was ruined after watching 2girls1cup i told myself to never watch a video like it again but of course when a new crazy vid comes out my dumb ass always ends up watching it

i guess i will be the person in the end who can honestly say "i've seen it all"

Uh what? Why didn't they do anything? If anyone finds an answer that actually makes sense please post.


Oh dear God, is there no morality left?

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