Little Girl Kills Herself to Save Family

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Ahm. I'm sorry but I just don't get impressed with this kind of stories :/ I get the impression that these always get idealized.


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This was in West Bengal India as far as I know, not Africa

Wow. I think some people here are not realizing that she was only in Grade 6 and at that age the most important thing to you is your parents. She decided to do what was best for her dad and brother. What she did was wrong and she did not think on her her family would react to something like this. But then look at her age. She is only 11 or 12.

Wow thats crazy sad.



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Most kids her age wouldn`t even think the way she did, let elone an adult.
It`s really sad, but still really brave.

Now that's a hero, may not have accomplished her deed, but the simple intention makes her a hero and what do you know her life was practically twice as bright and half as long huh?


That's so sad

Wait.. so her sister KNEW that she was going to commit suicide or am I reading it wrong?

That's very sad, to bad it was for nothing.


damn...way to put a damper on my day :(