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9087 said:
Boutros said:

Capcom is one of the most disappointing dev this gen.

Bad sales for Dark Void and Bionic Commando made them desperate.

Not to mention Lost Planet 2 was pretty much a failure.


The only really good thing about Capcom this gen has been SFIV.



I also think DMC is Ninja Theory's last chance at making a hit. They seemed to have taken losses on both Heavenly Sword and a huuuuge loss on Enslaved.

What didn't you like about Ace Attorney, Ghost Trick and Okamiden?

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well  Capcom did make devil may cry 2 you know. As well as other examples of bad games within their own franchises (Like many devs)

Also they killed clover which had some of their best. (Not that they were the best money generators)

badgenome said:

Slant Six made a terrible SOCOM game because all SOCOM games are terrible. RE:ORC, on the other hand, has zombies.

Socom 1,2,3 and CA were SONY's PS2 flagship online titles that were big sucesses for Sony. 

Of Course That's Just My Opinion, I Could Be Wrong

CAPCOM has a REAL Jekyll and Hyde thing going on. On the one hand we have a great set of teams who have made stuff like DMC4, Dead Rising (2 was thus far the only GOOD game made by a Western partner of theirs), SFIV, TvC, MvC3, Mega Man 9 and 10, Ghost Trick, Pheonix Wright vs Proffessor Layton, RE: Mercenaries, and Okamiden. But then you have the other side that makes STUPID decisions like handing DMC off to dev team that has an insecure egomaniac as a lead designer, do a stupid relaunch of Bionic Commando (though Rearmed was good), make a bland shooter like Dark Void, make Lost Planet 2 unplayable without co-op, and then give an RE project to a dev like Slant Six (though it's not a NUMBERED release at least). With a lot of the stupid decisions I smell Inafune's grubby, self-xenophobic influence. They still make great games, but they have made a lot of stupid moves

this will be the perfect time for Sony to acquire Capcom

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RareglovE said:

this will be the perfect time for Sony to acquire Capcom

i like the idea of this ^^

Not seeing anything to put the game down yet.  Now I have a PS3 and 360 I guess I need to double dip at launch.


at least they don't make iPhone ports of their games.................... ;)


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They just canceled the atrocious looking Mega Man Universe. Do you still think Capcom doesn't know what it's doing?

haha and you noted it just now? ive been saying the same since they made that garbage RE4, they turned the best sulvival horror game into just another action game.