So, have YOU donated to the Japanese relief effort yet?

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I don't feel the need to donate. I'm not going to donate to every single disaster in the world. Would other people feel the need to donate if this happened in America? 

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I don't really donate to these things since there are like, 7 billion people in the world atm, every person I save is going to potentially fuck me over in the long run when it comes to food resources in the future. Now's not really the right time to be saving lives, my own included. I'd totally donate if the world population is about 1/50th of the current size, though even that number is questionable tbh.

oldschoolfool said:

I don't feel the need to donate. I'm not going to donate to every single disaster in the world. Would other people feel the need to donate if this happened in America?

Then don't. We don't need redundant arguments like the one going on above in this thread. And as for whether people would donate if the same happended in America... look no further than the article Jason77 posted. 

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BTW, whats up with folks on here trying to talk people out of donating money to the Red Cross?  The Red Cross spreads this money around, and it will go to mnay big causes.  I am confused by folks on here whining about "double standards" as the outpouring of support for Haiti was mindblowing.  If anything people acted like jerks when Pakistan had that big earthquake due to folks not wanting to help a "terrorist country".  I fyou don't supoort the cause - be quiet, there are folks that want to. 

Who really cares?? To think you are really helping a cause by donating 10 dollars through a bs text message is (how would you say it... mind blowing)...  If you really want to make a difference do it on a local level.  Shit countries will always be shit countries.  Donating 10 dollars to Haiti for relief effort really didn't do shit.  Haiti is still Haiti (which means it is shit).  I won't even go into the whole relief effort (money raised to money spent helping) bullshit.   If you want to make a difference then you do it yourself because giving some organization 10 dollars and thinking everything is hunky dory after that is pure living in bliss.

did Haiti rape your dog or something?...chill dude! 

@Stehnintendo : Haiti went from bad to hell. The fact that from your point of view it remains the same -from shit to shit - only indicates how poorly educated you are.

I don't put too much value on the degree I obtained from an overpriced USA university so thanks for calling me poorly educated.  I am not sure Haiti can get too much worse but yes it happened.  I am not trying to offend anyone (race, country, etc) even though I did insult Haiti.  However, I think almost anyone that lives in Haiti would have to agree that their country sucks...  I am trying to explain my views on life on this planet.  My views are more like the person a few posts up (dahuman).  If anything more people need to die.  Humans are a parasite on earth.  We pollute too much, use up way too many resources (overpopulate), etc..  Eventually, the human population will hit a breaking point of not being able to support itself and then you will see even more starvation, war, genocide, etc...  So please keep insulting my intelligence and we will see who is right in the end. 

I will leave this thread for good to save what ever integrity this thread has left.

Sending £10!

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I've donated £15. Happy to help.

Donated blood for Japan yesterday.

I do not do monetary donations, tho I will continue to support Japan through the purchase of many anime/video games.

I've sent £20 atm, probably will send more later on

Excellent to see real practical help coming in from the UK, US, Aus, NZ and the Swiss, expert search and rescue, technical expertise etc.  They have already sent rescue teams and experts.  These countries are always the first to offer real useful help.

I really cant undertsand why people above are trying to downplay financial help.. yes it isnt as relevant when you are talking about the 3rd biggest economy on the planet... but there will be a need at a social level on the ground for financial aid.

I'm not really here!

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Good thread!

I'll donate in the next few days.

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