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What fan are you? We need you now!

Nintendo 84 37.33%
Sony 80 35.56%
Microsoft 18 8.00%
Vgchartz 7 3.11%
None, I'm a peace maker. 18 8.00%
All of the above. 18 8.00%
pacman91 said:
CGI-Quality said:
pacman91 said:
CGI-Quality said:

Well HEAVY RAIN & SILENT HILL are exclusive titles to a PlayStation, so I'm going with Sony.

Nah really, I'm a Nintendo & Sony guy, but Sony continuously supports my particular tastes, so I support them a bit more.

Silent hill shattered memories?

The original SILENT HILL.

it's all the same :b

Not at all, actually. The original SILENT HILL is the only one exclusive to a PlayStation (or any platform for that matter - even SH3 ended up on PC).


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I have played on pc, nintendo, microsoft, sony, atari, and even a little sega so I think fans the wrong word. Currently, Sony puts out more exclusives I enjoy so I usually have more positive things to say about them than the other companies.

Lack of option of both Nintendo and Sony makes me sad.

My favourite is easily Nintendo. 

Nintendo! I also play on PS3 and 360, mostly PS3 atm but Nintendo makes my favorite games.

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This site is so Sony/Nintendo bias >_>

Quite a few votes for Sega.................

Bigger list of choices required.

Oh, and of course my vote goes to the option that should also be there.............. Sega.

Three gaming companies i will respect forever............. SEGA, Capcom, Nintendo.

My gaming HERO= Yu Suzuki (The father of Shenmue, Virtua fighter, he's also an arcade/3D gaming PIONEER)

Proud member of the Sonic Support Squad. (not that he needs it anymore after Unleashed, Generations & All-Stars Racing)

SuperAdrianK said:
Scoobes said:

Where's the PC option?!

I like being in a minority here :D

If you count that as a platform, (Microsoft only has 3% so if you like being in the minority...) or are you *gasp!* a mac!

Lol. I specifically meant on VGChartz. And no, I'm not a Mac.

Actually, shouldn't Apple be on the list? :P

Im a 50% sony guy 35% nintendo guy and 15% M$ guy <-----(though thats basically me scared because my dad works for them now xD)

Yeah i know my spelling sucks but im dysgraphic so live with it :3    


Conegamer - I say that the PS3 will beat the DS next week in Japan  (for hardware sales) Forfeit is control over others avatar for 1 week.

No PC option? PHAIL!!! Hah! Console minions fear even just the name of teh almighty PC!  

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