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I'm sure you all have them, pressing questions that no Google search can answer. When is that next big franchise sequel coming out? Are they getting rid of that really annoying gameplay mechanic the first one had? The questions are numerous and sometimes unanswered simply because no one has bothered to ask the right people.

I'm here to help.

At my disposal is a network of contacts in the gaming industry, that's part of my job as Editor-in-Chief of the VG Chartz Network: building a relationship with the industry. So here's your chance to get those burning questions answered. Submit questions here and I'll do my best to talk to the people who are in the know.

Some ground rules:

  • Don't ask something insulting. By that, I mean nothing crude or flaming. I'm not going to ask a game designer why their game sucks.
  • Google it first. If you can fairly easily find out with a little internet search, then it would waste the time of people who are spending the time making video games.
  • I am the censor. Ultimately, I'm a human being and I'll be the final judge of what I pass along and ask people.
I'll be answering the questions in this thread, but I'll cherry-pick the best questions and answers to write about on gamrFeed. So let your questions be heard!

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Are there certain developers/people who you have better contacts with? Or should we just ask anything regarding any developer/any game?

There are, but I'm constantly building my database of contacts and this will actually help. So throw anything at me!

ah nice.


Ask Reggie if he's aware of the following that the last story has in the west.


-> basically it both tells him that people are liking the idea of the game comming and lets him hint that it could be comming by saying something like "we are very aware that the US fans are interested in this game". (well i'm more for a EU release but whatever :p)


Okay, here's a few randoms from the top of my head.

Polyphony Digital/Sony/Whoever - Yamauchi has confirmed that Gran Turismo 6 is already in development. Are there plans for all cars in GT6 to be of the quality of  the Gran Turismo 5 Premium cars?

Kojima Productions - Are there any plans at all for a MGS Collection releasing on current gen hardware?

Naughty Dog - Despite huge success with the Uncharted series, are there any plans to go back to older work, ie - Jak and Daxter and/or one day, Crash Bandicoot?

Naughty Dog - How many units have Uncharted 1 and 2 sold, combined to date... And what are your expectations for Uncharted 3?

Retro Studios -  Now that you have completed Donkey Kong Country Returns, and it has seen an excellent sales performance, what do you plan on doing next?

SEGA - Is there any possibility that the Valkyria Chronicles series will return to home consoles? Can they confirm the sales of the VC Series, to date?

Turn 10 - Is Forza 4 running on the same engine as Forza 3, or a totally new game engine? What are the lifetime sales for the Forza series to date?

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Okay, I got a few:

Ask Team Bondi if any developers have approached them about using the Motion Scan technology from L.A. Noire. If so, how many (outside of Rockstar too)? And what do they require before an outside developer is allowed to use it (if at all)?

Ask Crystal Dynamics if they're happy about the success they got with Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. Will they continue making games in that vain? How has the response been on the game, and the coop in particular?

Ask Insomniac what lessons they learned from the coop missions in Resistance 2, and if they plan on revisiting that kind of gameplay (8 players, changing missions, etc.).


to tim shafer: are you developing psychonauts 2?

sony: why arent their any metal sluf games on psn, or psychonauts 2?

 at arenanet: how can you afford not to have monthly fees for a game the size of guild wars 2?

Being in 3rd place never felt so good

Konami - Are there any plans for a new Suikoden game... Or releasing any of the Suikoden games ont he EU PS Store?

BioWare - There were rumours a while back about a new Baldur's Gate game. With the success of Dragon Age proving that games like this can still be made, and be successful, are there any plans to one day return to the BG Series?

ok  I don't know who you have access to so I will just list a whole bunch of questions and hope I get lucky

Valve: When is the next entry in the Half-Life series coming? 

Valve: What game are you going to use to launch Sorce engine 2.0 and if it's Half-life 3 when?


Blizzard: When can I expect some Warcraft 4 news?

Blizzard: When is payed Starcraft 2 maps coming and what will be the maximum/Minimum price for content if any?

Blizzard: Any plans to resurrect one of your "indefinitely postponed" games like Starcraft: Ghost? The 3DS seems like it could be a good platform for it

Blizzard: Will you revive Shattered Nations just for me?

Blizzard: With the recent resurgence of adventure games do you have any plans to finally release Lord of the Clans?

Blizzard: What price point will Heart of the Swarm launch at?

Blizzard: Are Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void going to be stand alone expansion packs like the Dawn of war ones or will they be like Broodwar etc?

Blizzard: If standalone how will Multiplayer be segregated, Will we need to buy all 3, Any one or just Legacy of the void to get the full multiplayer experience? 


Rockstar/Take 2: Is a delayed port of Red dead redemption coming to the PC like GTA 4 did?

Take 2: Are there any plans to make an x-com game with gameplay similar to the original?

Take 2/Gearbox: when can we expect Borderworlds and what new features other than location, Classes, more guns etc?


Bioware: Will you ever make another traditional RPG again?


Riot games: When are the new maps coming?

Riot games: What is this new game I have heard rumours about?

Riot games: Have you considered new game types like a co-op defence or king of the hill?


Obsidian entertainment: Will you try your had at making another game based on an original IP again?

Obsidian entertainment: Who decided on the more action approach to dungeon siege 3 the publisher, chris tailor or was it the development team?

Obsidian entertainment: Any plans to utilise the Onyx engine in other games?

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SCE Santa Monica Studios -

How much has God of War III shipped ?

Will they be doing DLC for the game ?

Ask them to confirm that there will not be another God of War game starring Kratos -_-