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I want to start getting gamrReview listed on the Wikipedia pages for games - any Wikipedia experts out there have the time / interest to help out?

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It doesn't take a great deal of expertise, just a huge amount of patience.

I'm not sure it's going to get us very much traffic, though.

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There is an old poster on this site with a Warhawk avatar that I believe is/was an admin there. I can't remember his name at all but he has been around awhile so someone might remember him...

Edit: I think I misunderstood what this was about. >.< disregard this post

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you mean like this? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fallout:_New_Vegas#Reception?

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I dont have the xperiance, or the time. But I think it is a good idea

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The boss has given the call.  We must answer.  Unfortunately, my answer is "no".  While I live on Wikipedia, I have no experence making new articles.  Sorry.

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I wish i could but i sucked when i was editing it lol.

zarx said:

you mean like this? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fallout:_New_Vegas#Reception?

Exactly, although people keep removing it by the looks of things. I can understand to an extent (although I obviously don't agree) why they may want to label VGChartz as unreliable when it comes to sales since that is disputable but for reviews and news, gamrReview and gamrFeed are as reputable as any other source out there.

It just needs people to take the time to add the reviews / news and do so within the Wikipedia guidelines obviously.

Also, there is a hell of a lot that could be done on the main VGChartz page (it is flagging up as having improper references and self-published sources for example - we used to have loads of external sources and references from what I remember) and also add pages for gamrReview, gamrFeed and gamrConnect since they are now seperate entities. The main VGChartz page should talk about the VGChartz network and reference the gamrFeed / gamrReview pages for more info on them. The guys running each of the sub-sites (Chris, Nick S, Evan for gamrFeed and Nick, Seth, Karl, Craig for gamrReview) should be listed out as they are the ones doing the hard work. The "key people" box can / should include the whole senior team, not just myself.


Loads of info on:


Everything is massively out of date now, even the logos. The gamrReview and gamrFeed pages can be built out to more closely resemble pages like GameSpot and IGN listing high / low review scores, game of the year winners etc:


maybe we should list the reviews under gamrreview rather than vgchartz lol that might help a bit but it seems kinda pointless adding reviews if people are going to keep removing them. It takes a lot more effort to add stuff with proper references and citations than to simply delete stuff...

but yea maybe once the reviews are on metacritic people will have less grounds to remove them.

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