What should Nintendo name their next home console?

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What should Nintendo name their next home console?

Wii2 14 10.29%
Super Wii 24 17.65%
A new name 98 72.06%

Well, I am just curious what you guys think about this.  I see the Wii2 being thrown around a lot but that isn't Nintendo style (never has and I don't think it ever will be).  They have only reused their home console name once in a system with Super put in front (although just referred to as Super Nintendo, it was the SNES).  Since the Wii will be more successful than the NES, I believe they could name their next home console the Super Wii (SWii?).  However, I have deep feeling they will continue their style since after SNES and just come up with an entirely new name.  I am not too sure but I will go with Super Wii.


If you pick a new name please share your ideas.  I think coming up with names is quite fun.

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The Wii's codename before it released was the Revolution.

I suggest this Revolution plus Wii = Wiivolution


A new name. I'd rather they not try to follow a brand-based path. 

Hard to guess, it'll be something we probably can't predict.  But their logic behind the name Wii was that they wanted it to represent people connecting and getting together it's meant to sound like the word 'We' and NES/SNES were called Famicom and Super Famicom in japan as a shortening for Family Computer, so I'm guessing it'll be something along those lines.   The Nintendo Unus (source words Unite and us) is my best guess.

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Face the future.. Gamecenter ID: nikkom_nl (oh no he didn't!!) 

I'm still disapointed that they didn't come out with the Shii.

How about Rull?

3DWii! Or something similar.

Wii something, to keep it familiar to the casual audience who started gaming on Wii so that they'll upgrade.