The BEST GAME Of All Time is 2 YEARS old! (Share your memories of MGS4)!

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Its the 2nd anniversary what many gamers consider the BEST GAME OF ALL TIME...our beloved Metal Gear Solid 4!

It launched on June 12th 2008 two years ago and straight away became PS3's top exclusive title and has for me maintained that achievement to this day filled with a migraine in my head.

It came out on the day my GCSE (major exams in UK) exams ended, it was an amazing coincidence and one never to be forgotten. Its launch was met with 10/10 from IGN and Gamespot. I was nervous while opening it as I had faced the biggest disappointment of my gaming life in the form of GTA4 just a month before, if this game disappointed my reasons to get a PS3 would have been nullified till GT5/FF13 hit which wasn't to be for years.

Did MGS4 live up to its legacy, hype and reviews -- Yes it did and more.

Its an experience that had me gripped throughout, taking me to a variety of different environments with fantastic atmosphere, meeting old/new MGS characters, seeing how they developed. From the fantastic opening, to the stealth needed in the europe level, to act 3's final cut scene, the metal gear fight with liquid down to the microwave room the game left me amazed. But survive it he did of course. Most of all Seeing our hero snake old and always throughout the whole game having this fear that snake may not survive his final mission, he did survive of course.

2 years later when I look back I do still see MGS4 as my favorite game but I also see some of its weaknesses, plot holes, coherency, but as soon as I pick it up and play it again, I just get reminded why I love it so much and its flaws start to disappear.

Basically share your memories about this game, your excitement while opening the annoying plastic packaging on the case, your anticipation while watching snake smoke on the installations screens, your experience as you saw one of the greatest stories to be told unfold in front of your very eyes

And of course your thoughts on the game 2 years later!!

These are some moments we will never forget in life, RELIVE them today!

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

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Indeed, it is a fantastic game, maybe not best game of all time but without a doubt one of them.

After SSBBrawl it is probably my favourite game of 2008.


no, it's only 21 days old... :p

nah, i'm kidding, happy birthday! n_n

Is a vry gud game. I ddnt get it on launch, i gt my ps3 in 2009, i gt the platinum editin.

th prblem ws i knew ov the stry alredy, i hd spoiled myself so I ddnt get the same experienc u got from th game, i watchd cut scene videos on youtube, i hd no choice, cudn't afford a ps3 and I wanted to know how metal gear solid saga ends.

Scenes whch wer vry gud were raiden fight scene with vamp, lots of cut scenes in chptr 1 wer gud, they let u get excited about th game. It was more similar to mgs2 thn mgs3 (I like mgs3 more) bt still much bettr than mgs2. Best game ever? no, its hard to gve tht title to any game, bt I knw lots ov people who do thnk its th best game ever.

Indeed one of the best games, if not THE best game, of all time for me. MGS4 is also a perfect example why videogames are art. Fantastic story and presentation, sound and gameplay.  Sure it has a few weaknesses, but who cares when the rest is just an epic masterpiece.

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miz1q2w3e said:

no, it's only 21 days old... :p

nah, i'm kidding, happy birthday! n_n

lol I was gonna make a witty response saying, I didn't know you liked "_ _ _ _ _" so much but only SMG2 came out 21 days ago, no other game!


No its not easy to give this title to any game, which only makes MGS4's achievement more astonishing!

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

Best game of all time ? No. The other MGS games are better.

Its an extremely awesomesauce game (my 2nd favourite of this gen), but it isn't as good as the other MGS games. The gameplay made big progress, but the multiple setting scenario was a bit meh.

I loved the fact that against, all odds, you infiltrate a single facility/complex and complete your mission in MGS 1,2,3. In that case MGS4 was all over the place.

 I loved the whole one guy in the middle of the battlefield aspect that sorta replaced the single setting thing, but that was only in the first two acts for some reason.

That and Act 3 was,

Follow some dude, watch a big ass cutscene, (awesome) vehicle section, boss fight, another big ass cutscene.

Plus, the Drebin point system could be abused to get ammo easily... You could keep buying anti-tank missles and destroy your enemies when you run out of ammo.

If those issues weren't there, it would have been the perfect game, imo.

It (along with GoW 3) was the reason I bought a PS3 over a 360 and it most definitely didn't disappoint, but it wasn't as good as the other MGS games despite the advancements in gameplay and controls. 

However, it did end the series storyline in an awesome way and I am happy about that. Bravo Kojima ! Happy birthday MGS4 !

gameply on shadow moses was the best in all of the acts

RareglovE said:

gameply on shadow moses was the best in all of the acts

the return to Shadow moses saved this game from being a mild disappointment to me. That act made me very emotional...lol...nostalgia sux.

RareglovE said:

gameply on shadow moses was the best in all of the acts

And nostalgic when you hear the music and so on.


I totally disagree! Having 5 acts added variety and Act 3 was stunning in atmosphere and following the guy was fun, true stealth with a fireworks bike chase and boss battle finish! And of course ends with one of the best cut scene in gaming.

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey