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stewroids said:
Oh yes, I would also love a Mass Effect 2 announcement for PS3 and Gears of War 2/3 going multiplatform!

Mass Effect is possible but not Gears, which is like Uncharted 2/3 being released for the 360. Microsoft published Gears and they most likely have Epic contracted to keep the trilogy exclusive

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capcom vs. super smash bros.

Spartan total warrior 2 for ps3

Xxain said:
Boutros said:
Dark Cloud 3 on PS3 *drools*

It doesn't have to be exclusive. I just want it.

DC is a SONY property

That's right... Well then it better not be on PSP!

palancas7 said:

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 2

Exclusively for the Nintendo Wii.


Kirby Wii (full adventure, not AirRide or other spin-off)

a new Freedom Force on Wii (and PC) with four player support

Disaster:DoC release in NA

A full online multiplayer Jedi game with WM+

A new game in the Pinball Hall of Fame series


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Capcom vs. Bethesda: New Age of Locking onto People's Heads and Then Punching Them in the Face

KotOR 3, could be done my either Bioware or Obsidian, I don't care just do it!
Shining Force HD remake
Advent Rising 2 (it's been like 6 or 7 years now, hello cliffhanger!)
Elder Scrolls V: Slimebeastia
Killer Instinct 1 and 2 to XBLA and 3 as a full disk release
FFVI remake on. . . something!
New Super Spike V-Ball Wii

Jak & Daxter for PS3, Elder Scrolls V, Half-Life 2: Episode 3, Half-Life 3 (dear god would I cream my pants...), Neverwinter Nights 3, Thief 4 gameplay and release date.

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Legacy of Kain remake for next gen consoles.

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Patapon 3
Pokemon Stadium 3

Romance of the three kingdom 12
Mother 4

And Time splitter 4 , best FPS ever (but I know its a dream)

           Sequel I want the most :

Patapon 3 , Elite beat Agent 2 , ROTK 12 , Mother 4, Legend of legaia      3, Resident Evil outbreak 3.

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