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Its a picture of a galaxy, and it says one of gaming's most recognizable characters... Its just an in-depth on SMG2. The only other gaming-wide recognizable Nintendo chars are Link and Donky Kong. Star fox doesnt rate that high, and Samus changes images so often that she's no longer very recognizable.

Sorry to burst your bubble =)

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Earthworm Jim 4.

or Starfox. :

Pixel Art can be fun.

Call me crazy im bettin its F-Zero.

Heavy rain Wii.... ('>_>)

Seriously, My pick is star fox.

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Star Fox or F-Zero... Cmon baby!!

I don't care if I am getting my hopes up, these games are coming sometime and with the recent buzz that Star Fox has gotten I think they may reveal its in production sooner than later. 2011 needs some big games and either SF or F-zero would be perfect :)

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Mother 4.

Theres stars in the picture, this undoubtedly mans we finally get the 1:1 motion star wars lightsaber game every single person & dog alive has been waiting for!

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Myak-04 said:
Pyro as Bill said:
Myak-04 said:
Pyro as Bill said:
Myak-04 said:

If I connect all the brightest stars I get...... ummmmm.... XD oh, looks like a Kangaroo.... (ponders) Hmmmmmmmm...... Pyro as Bill, I think you're onto something with it being Madworld 2... .

At first I thought it was an Arwing doing a barrel roll. The more I look at it, it's clearly a new weapon for Madworld 2.

OMFG, have you turned your head side on?! If you look at it from upside down it's clearly a proud hawk creature.... with a stubby leg.

O_O What... could... this...mean?!

Hmmm, when I turn my head I see a rabbit eating a frog. Did Madworld have rabbits? Maybe it's a Pikmin eating a frog, difficult to make out.


So what do we have.... a kangaroo arwing doing a barrel roll, a proudy stubby legged hawk and a rabbit eating a frog. 




.................................................................................................. NEW ANIMAL CROSSING !!!

Mystery solved? ..... perhaps ^_^ . 


Actually it looks kinda like a Jinjo from the Banjo Kazooie games.


Rare returning to Nintendo confirmed?

Could I trouble you for some maple syrup to go with the plate of roffles you just served up?

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After reading all of the solid information in this thread there really is only one game it could be.

Madworld 2 - Afterall, at the end you do fight some aliens.

Ghutto said:
Mother 4.

There is literally no way that it's Mother 4.