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How many Sony devices do you own?

none 32 8.16%
1 - 2 76 19.39%
3 - 5 158 40.31%
6 - 9 75 19.13%
10 - 15 24 6.12%
15+ 27 6.89%

Really, think about it. This includes labtops, game systems, handhelds, TVs, DVD players, Blu Ray players, stereos, GPS systems, walkmans (or walkmen) or anything else you might have.

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I own a PS3 and a Sony stereo system.


I own a ps1 and a ps2 Not sure if the ps1 works anymore as I have not had it out of storage in forever.My T.V. is Samsung. and my stero is some offbrand.

i had a samsung tv, but i returned it because of audio porblems so i got a sony bravia tv, ps3, psp, and a sony digital camera

ps1, ps2, ps3, and psp! i got them all throughout 4 years

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I owned a PS1 (that I give away to a poor friend when I got gamecube) and owned a PS2 (which I sold to buy the DS)

2 PS3s, 1 PS2 and a first gen fat PSP. Suprisingly no other tech from them in my house.

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just a psp-2000 and a ps2 right now.

ps1,ps2,ps3,2 psps, 3 sony tvs, a vaio laptop, a sony all in one desktop, and about 5 sony ericsson phones.

PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, Sony Walkman, Sony Surround Sound, Sony Ericsson Phone. I'm pretty sure I have Sony DVD reader on my other computer.