will u buy nintendo's new handheld the 3ds, when it launches ?

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - will u buy nintendo's new handheld the 3ds, when it launches ?

will u buy nintendo's new handheld the 3ds, when it launches ?

yes 62 63.27%
no 20 20.41%
maybe 16 16.33%

yes, never missed a nintendo console


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I was going to get an XL, but I will wait for this.

Getting an XBOX One for me is like being in a bad relationship but staying together because we have kids. XBone we have 20000+ achievement points, 2+ years of XBL Gold and 20000+ MS points. I think its best we stay together if only for the MS points.

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I voted no. But I will end up buying it and not playing it. Just like my DS.

nope, probably never will, but who knows, anything can happen...

I'm probably not going to line-up to get it on day one, but I will probably get one within the first several months if it is an interesting system at a reasonable price.

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Yes. the only way i wouldn't get it is if it was too expensive.

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Without a doubt.

most likely not, I have never been a big handheld person....however, if it is as awesome as everyone is hyping it to be I may have to change my stance

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ill get it after a pricecut or newer version comes out so it will at least have a library of fun games. Personally hoping for something similar to new super mario bros and might actually be excited for a pokemon game even though it sounds gimmicky.