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Why Pretty Boys > All other characters. Poll of Awesome Apples!

Agreed! Viva La Pretty boys! 28 21.05%
No, your fake and gay! 70 52.63%
Other (Post) 4 3.01%
What are you on? give me sum! 13 9.77%
Mmmm... Apple Parade! 2 1.50%
I <3 Apples ^_^ 15 11.28%

Lets end this once and for all! im tired of being called gay and what not round' here!!! it was funny at first for a good laugh or two but now some people are starting to actually think its true... ended this on gamespot and gametrailers (lol gaming site whore) and now its time chartz to get teh breakdown of why pretty boys own all.

Here we go... Why Pretty boys > Shaved Head Marines, Chibi little freaks, BIG BULKING MEAT HEADS, Women, Strong Women, all women, freaks, geeks, Pirates, Ninjas, God Slayers, Armor wearers, and elf boys... an' of course anything else you can think of...


1. There badass 70% of the time Ala Dante, Sephiroth, Zack Fair, Sieg, Jin, Etc...

2. There Aura is made of badass sauce, when they step on to the spotlight you know shit is going to happen.

3. They must smell smexy in a totally non-gay way, just saying... also having a pair of these fine sets of win only adds to the badass count!

4. They all have a badass line or catch phrase that'll send shivers down your spine.

5. The HAIR, hair makes about 53.7% of man smex. therefore = badass because everyone loves a good strand of band floating in front of a pretty face... mmmmmmmmmmmm... yaaaa jus' like dat.

6. Weapons, are normally really over-the-top and unreal... therefore its badass!

7. Because i follow the crusade of the pretty boy, for i am one myself. in training but still...


An' now please enjoy the following lovely pictures of the badass smex legion of badass pretty boys! ...badass... did i mention badass? yeah okay...

Also NOTE: I have nothing against gay people or lesbians, im just tired of being called one that is all, ironicly there some of the nicest and coolest people i know so please do not take any offence. thank you.





Zack and Cloud



Original PoP









Cid Raines




And last and uh yeah least...


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I have no idea what this is... but I would never, in a million years call Jin Kazama a pretty boy. The man has devil wings and horns for god's sake!

Wouldn't classify that Jin as a pretty boy. BlazBlue's Jin Kisaragi is another matter entirely.

“Pretty boys, witty boys,
You may sneer
At our disintegration.
Haughty boys, naughty boys,
Dear, dear, dear!
Swooning with affectation...
And as we are the reason
For the "Nineties" being gay,
We all wear a green carnation. ”

—Noel Coward,

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I live for the sword, the steel, and the gun...

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Purple stars do not help your case, Im afraid.

I definitely prefer women over guys.

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WTF is that last picture? i'm gonna have nightmares....


Ssenkahdavic said:
Purple stars do not help your case, Im afraid.

'fraid so!


c'mon Seraphic, out of the closet with you!

the water's nice, promise!

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This is... so... I don't even know where to begin!

First of all, those horrible star things you're using, are possibly the worst things you could have chosen to show that you are in fact straight (It's not working ).
Second of all, I only see one badass up there, Dante. I haven't played all those games of course, but still.
Thirdly, in terms of badassery, characters like Kratos, Nathan Drake, Master Chief and Batman beats of all those (except Dante who can hang with these guys). The only prettyboy I can think of who is also a badass, but is not on your list, is Ezio Auditore da Firenze, who is also quite badass.

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those are some horrifying demons..