I'm actually rethinking of buying a Wii now thanks to PlayStation Move

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Wait for E3 - I have a feeling the PS Move could be very interesting.

But even if you do get the move, it's definitely worth picking up the Wii too - you just can't beat that fantastic software.

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if your sole interest in the wii was motion controls, then you were buying it for the wrong reasons anyways.

Anyone thinking this misses the whole point of the Wii... nintendo itself.


TaichungSteve said:
The main drawback for me is this; A big part of Wii's success, and fun, is due to local multiplayer. WSR's sword fighting against a friend can be great fun. For this to be possible in Sony Sport Champions, it looks like you would need 4 move controllers; 1 each for the sword and shield for each character.
If the initial package ships with 2 move controllers, then you would likely need to spend close to another $100 on the other 2, or around $150 if you need 3. At that point, the bundle itself would cost as much or more than a Wii, remote, nunchuck, Motion+, WiiSports, and WSR.
That, of course, is if the game packaged with Sony's bundle is Sport Champion, and not Move Party! or another, but I assume they would follow the Wii's lead on this, as the sports game really is the best introduction to the peripheral.
The likelihood of seeing big AAA games built ground-up for the Move seems remote, at least initially, as the console itself has the smallest userbase, and this will be a fragmentation of that. Although the argument could very easily be made that we haven't seen much AAA support on the Wii either, aside from Nintendo, and a couple notable exceptions.

My thoughts exactly. I have a Wii and a PS3 and I do like motion controls a lot. However, Sony is asking a very high entry price. It seems that most games need a second move controller, which means I will expend near as much as the cost a new Wii for the new accessory. Also, the games they showed are very similar to the ones I already have in the Wii and I would like to see some novel concepts before opening my wallet.

As I said in another thread, the Move's "sub controller" doesn't have a motion sensor in it at all. With that said, there is absolutely no way that the Move's experience can be "better". Rather, it has some advantages over the Wii, and some disadvantages. It really comes down to what sort of gaming you're planning to do, and what kind of controls you prefer. Do you want to be able to have motion control with BOTH hands? Do you hope to have an already huge backlog of games? Do you want some of the biggest franchises in gaming history? Then you probably want to put out for a Wii.

However, if you're down with single-handed gameplay, or you want HD graphics, or you like Sony's first-party efforts more than Nintendo's, then the Move is likely the better choice for you.

It's all personal tastes. Since you already have a PS3, I can't push the price-point with you. However, in many locales, Nintendo has begun packaging WSR and WM+ with the system, so that ups the value of the system. However again, I haven't seen that in America yet.


I'd be suspicious of the Move if I were you. Remember how long it took developers to get used to the Wii's motion controls? Well, now they're going to have to go through it again for the move. Say what you want about the Wii, the top games on it know exactly how to use the controls. Still, wait for the E3. Its still a bit early.

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Why do people always make these threads. Can you not think for yourself?

I waited a year before I bought my wii to be sure I wouldn't waste my time getting a system with only crappy games.
The whole point of the wii was to have a new experiences playing games. You have to wait until games actually release that you are actually interested in not on the prospect of what might come out or what developer can do. If you didn't like the wii why get it again. Most core games rarely used motion control in a waggle fashion anyway.

I don't understand why everyone is referencing socom 4 as if it was doing anything that the wii couldn't do even without motion plus. I played MP3 with my arm resting too.(who would have their arm stretched out)

Wii has Klonoa, Move doesn't. Think about that...

Sony's Move underwhelmed Wired: http://www.wired.com/gamelife/2010/03/sony-gdc/

The exact price is not known -- but the $100 price point has been talked about -- nor is what is included in the basic kit known.

Basically, if all you want are some party and motion-added games for your PS3, that would be your better bet.

If you want Nintendo first-party games as well as the handful of superior third-party experiences available only on the Wii (listed by others), then get a Wii.

It is that simple.

If it were me, I would wait-and-see. But I have a Wii and my choice is whether to (eventually) supplement that with a PS3 or Xbox 360.

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