Poll: Mario Kart Fans! Chose Your Favorite!

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Poll: Mario Kart Fans! Chose Your Favorite!

Super Mario Kart 17 8.90%
Mario Kart 64 40 20.94%
Mario Kart: Super Circuit 3 1.57%
Mario Kart: Double Dash 22 11.52%
Mario Kart DS 33 17.28%
Mario Kart Wii 76 39.79%

Wow, I'm practically alone in this.

Mario Kart DS.


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Totally DS.

MkWii but only because of the online. If every one of them were re-released with online and retro tracks then yeah, i'd probably choose MK64.

Mario Kart Wii

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Wii, by far.
Best Controlls/Controllers, Best Characters, Best Karts, and most importantly, best courses.
Oh yeah, online is cool too.

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double dash beats all. Lack of special moves in wii was such a huge letdown. I would have kept my wii...wait scratch that, SSBB destroyed my hopes long before I played MKWii.

AngelFire18 said:
Mkwii is best played when drunk... It's drunk driving with out the dui. thank god lakitu isn't a cop.

Lol...I've never done that with MKWii but I did with Double Dash :).

VTnev27 said:
I was torn between Mario Kart Wii and Super Mario Kart, but in the end I have to go with MKWii. Having three people bitch and curse at you is a greater experience than just one.

Lol...I know that experience all too well :).

iLLmaticV3 said:
Mario Kart: Double Dash was the greatest racing experience of my life.

I knew I wasn't alone on this.


Don't get me wrong, the DS and Wii editions of Mario Kart are great. I just like the co-op kart aspect of Double Dash. That and the fact that each character pairing got a unique special weapon.


Unfortunately, they took out my two favorite features from Double Dash in MKWii and they took out mulitplayer campaign. I'm not playing Mario Kart alone to unlock all that crap, I'd rather do it with another person.

I chose MarioKart:DoubleDash because it had all of my favorite features balloon battle and other modes. It was close between MarioKart:DS and DoubleDash because obviously MarioKart DS had online play Balloon battle. I did enjoy MarioKart Wii but I thought it was a step backwards because it lacked single player balloon battles and other multiplayer features are now team based.

I really hope they correct these mistakes for the next Mario Kart. I want a return of Balloon battle and the other features the Wii version lacked!


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