Who hates Interactive Movies/Novels and love Video Games?

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Who hates Interactive Movies/Novels and love Video Games?

I do. 32 19.88%
I don't. 19 11.80%
You're nuts. 37 22.98%
This thread is a steaming pile... 58 36.02%
You're misguided but you're on to something 15 9.32%
Kasz216 said:

Eh, you know what cutscenes bother me even more then the "this looks so cool I wish i was playing this!" cutscene.

Yeah, those are usually the only types of cut-scenes that bug me. Man, the one that comes to mind would be the battle between Raiden and Vamp in MGS4. Now that would have been awesome to be part of... but nooooo!

But yeah, I like games that I enjoy... not much more to it than that.

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I like games with good gameplay + good stories. Seeing as those are pretty rare, or mabye extreemly rare, I stick with okay stories and good gameplay. If I want stories I'll go read a book.


I blame Wii Fit...+!!!

asacatman said:
I like games with good gameplay + good stories. Seeing as those are pretty rare, or mabye extreemly rare, I stick with okay stories and good gameplay. If I want stories I'll go read a book.

A lot of game stories are great as games, but would be awful in a book.

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It depends what sort of mood I'm in, I don't really mind cut-scenes as long as they are entertaining and kept quite short.  (I wasn't a big fan of MGS4 though)

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Why not like both?

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Feylic said:
I like games. That includes everything on your lists.

I agree with you. I love games and everything on his list can be called "game".

mass effect 2 - interactive movie? nope. sorry. wrong.

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theprof00 said:
The Ghost of RubangB said:
theprof00 said:
I just want to point out that all games have a story or cut-scenes. It's just that the presentation is different.
When you're watching a boss die in Super Metroid or reading text boxes in Mario Galaxy, it is the same as us watching laughing octopus die in mgs4, or having dialogue spoken to us in a scene rather than reading it.
The movie games may take a little bit longer, but you can always skip a cutscene anyway. I really don't understand all the bitching that occurs over games with video production.

Whoa whoa whoa.

Some of the best games of all time have NO story whatsoever.  Space Invaders.  Pac-Man.  Tetris.  SimCity.  Wii Sports.


Super Metroid has minimal story, but is very cinematic.  It feels and plays like a movie at parts, but there's not much of a story there.  Some films and some books are all about mood and feelings and not actual events and twists and decisions.  Like Eraserhead or Catcher in the Rye for that matter.  Some games pull that off very well without shoving hours of story down your throat.  Could be Super Metroid, could be Out of This World, could be Shadow of the Colossus, could be No More Heroes 2 (the game is full of cutscenes but they don't tell a story at all).

My problem is when a game uses cutscenes to just tell me what's going on, instead of showing me what's going on, or letting me play what's going on.  If I wanted to hear a monologue explaining everything I'd listen to a book on tape or watch a really good classic James Bond film.


It's not a crime to like both at all, and I'm not saying it is.  But it's a crime to say that ALL games need a story.  That leads to the path that says MGS4 is the best game of all time and Wii Sports is the worst game of all time, and that's madness.

all of those games you listed have uncontrollable cinematic parts. In pac-man you have level introductions, death animation. Tetris has the rocket ship, simcity has the picture and explanation showing up when certain things happen etc etc.

The difference is the level of production. You can always skip cutscenes too, so it's not like it's such a big deal. I'm not saying all games need a story. I'm saying there is always a certain level of uncontrollable gameplay which is used to illustrate what is happening with your character or some story element.

Uncontrollable cinematic parts are not automatically a story.

Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Tetris, SimCity, and Wii Sports have no story.  There is no narrative because there is no beginning, middle, and end.  Some times they throw in a little bonus video for no reason other than to celebrate your high score, but are you seriously going to argue that the goal of Tetris is to launch a rocketship?  Does your space pilot character have a name, or motivation, or a backstory?  A bonus video is no narrative.

The animations in Pac-Man tell you nothing about the next level, or about anything.  They are completely random movies of the characters partying or chasing each other back and forth.  And Pac-Man has no ending.  You play for hundreds of screens until the game crashes.  It was intended to be played forever.  It wasn't until stuff like Donkey Kong where there was an actual intro cinematic and ending cinematic, and a story with a beginning, middle, and end.

And Wii Sports... I have no idea what you're talking about.  There's no intro videos or bonus videos for high scores or anything.  You just play and compete for high scores forever.  No ending, no story.

Heavy Rain is the only interactive movie in the list.

Could have just titled the thread 'I hate Heavy Rain.' It's pretty obvious the big-ticket game coming out that's like that, that's talked about so much.