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< Ryng_Tolu posted something on benji232's wall:

You was so close with the Top Ten! (#11)

Any way, good prediction.

Yea! I underestimated wiiU, 3ds and ps4 too much! You did great predictions too! :)

on 14 March 2015

< drake_tolu posted something on benji232's wall:

Ok, for first, congratulation for have won the bet.

For second, when i have make this bet, Ubisoft hit even't said yet the declaration of "Nintendo gamer's don't buy AC, it prefer Just Dance, Watch_Dogs will be last mature game on Wii U ect..."

After this, the AC IV sales for Wii U are starting to have a massive dropped:

The game sold between 1,500 and 2,000 on week costant before Ubisoft declaration.

After, the game is dropped less than 1,000, and 600 in a week...

I haven't predict this improvvise dropped, if it was not, the game would sell again 1,500-2,000 on week, and with holiday would sell 5,000 to 10,000 on week in December for a total of 260,000-280,000...

But now, the game don't will pass 240,000...

So, congratulation for have won the bet.

And yes, my english is bad...

on 17 November 2014

Thank you for being a good sport! I won't ask you to change your avatar even though I won because I'm feeling generous :p.

on 17 November 2014

At the end we have 250k sold by 3 jen 2015.
Very close. :P

on 22 January 2015

249k so I tecnically still won lol! But yea, it ended u pretty close.

on 25 January 2015

< theprof00 posted something on benji232's wall:

hey bud, gimme some numbers for the 10 week countdown

Will do! :P

on 01 November 2014

< tak13 posted something on benji232's wall: my revamped sig,are you satisfied :P ?

Yes, it's much better then before :D . It was literally a brick wall of text before lol :P.

on 01 September 2014

< drake_tolu posted something on benji232's wall:

And so??? You accept?

Which one the beth?

You predict 250K lifetime for AC and i 500K... so, what's the bet?

Ok, the one who ends up the closest by the end of 2015 wins. If the lifetime sales of AC is closer to 500k, you win, if it's closer to 250k, I win. Deal?

Winner gets 1 month of avatar or sig control (winner choses)

on 20 July 2014

Obvieus, i accept.
Will win who who will go closer.
I predict 500K, and you 250K.
If lifetime passed 375K (250+500= 750 : 2 = 375), i win, because i go closer the gap.
Not only.
If passed 250K this year (31 Dec 2014), i I have the control of you avatar for one week.
2 beth!
Who will win the beth of year, will be control one week, and who win lifetime, will be control of avatar for 1 month. ;)

on 20 July 2014

Okay, deal!

on 20 July 2014

now no going back... I wish you good luck.

on 20 July 2014

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From a franchise/characters POV, Nintendo by a mile. If you go purely by sales numbers, then obviously Sony. But the fact that Nintendo can still make Mario games and Zelda games and that they still sell millions says a LOT about how iconic their franchises are....

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Ka-pi96 said: Azzanation said: Ka-pi96 said: Maybe you should take that as a sign that no one else cares about such a list then... I care, so your term *no one cares* is invalid. Seems like alot of fans dont want to make a list excluding PC games. I wonder why? My term was actually 'no one else cares'. And maybe no one wants to do such a list because,...


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