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My goodness, didn't know most people on this sub were conservatives... Good to know.

Edit: I also like how most people in this thread (including the moderator) are taking more offense to one of the posters argument which wasn't even half bad, it doesn't take too much thinking to understand the point he was making which was a fine one, than the fact that a billionaire CEO took a 200M$ bonus while his peasant employees are making crums while living under the stress that they are expendable in the ultimate goal of maximizing the CEOs and all the other big time shareholders pockets. And the golden part, IT'S THE PEASANTS who defend him! Amazing.

A 200M$ bonus, no matter who you are, jesus, god, Putin, it should NEVER, EVER happen. Funny people here will defend it.

Also, another poster arguing that the bourgeois capitalistic system ,because he somehow worked at a management level (whatever that means), isn't rigged for the top 0,1% is pure GOLD.

This is a fun thread...

Last edited by benji232 - on 21 March 2021

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