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    < Ryng_Tolu posted something on torok's wall:

    Hi. You asked for a PS1 VS PS4 comparation right?

    Launch allinied:

    PS4 - 43.50 million

    PS1 - 17.60 million

    Thanks, Ryng_Tolu! The plot isn't loading, however. Also, do you have this plot for PS1, 2, 3 and 4 together? It would be a nice comparison.

    on 20 September 2016

    Thanks, Ryng_Tolu! The plot isn't loading, however. Also, do you have this plot for PS1, 2, 3 and 4 together? It would be a nice comparison.

    on 20 September 2016

    After 11 Quarter:

    PS4 - 43.50 million
    PS3 - 23.80 million
    PS2 - 41.56 million
    PS1 - 17.60 million

    on 20 September 2016

    Thanks, great numbers. Didn't knew PS1 took so long to gain traction. Even launching just in one region, the others followed 2 months later, so it was really a slow start.

    PS3 took some months to get EU, that puts it a bit down. However, PS2 actually had a big advantage against PS4, since it launched almost simultaneously worldwide, while PS4 remained some months without Japan.

    on 21 September 2016

    Huum not really. PS2 launched in Japan in March 2000, and in the west in October 2000 (USA) and November 2000 (EU).

    The comparation i made has the firsts 7 months of PS2 in Japan only, while PS4 has the first 3 months NA+EU only, so PS4 was much advantage.

    on 21 September 2016

    Ohhh, I mixed up the dates. Actually makes sense, since PS4 won't do 160M like PS2 did since the competitors are more capable this time. Do you have the source of the data for all regions? Then we could align the launches on all regions and maybe even estimate PS4 lifetime numbers.

    on 22 September 2016

    I have Japan and USA allinied.

    PS2 - 9.3 million
    PS4 - 3.1 million

    PS2 - 18.8 million
    PS4 - 14.3 million

    Don't have EU numbers sorry.

    on 22 September 2016

    I have some numbers from Jan 2003 for EU (16.02M). US was at 21.5M in the same time. Using the same proportion, I think it's reasonable to estimate PS2 at 14M during the same time. Let's put it at 14.8 since we still have a month of difference.

    PS4 is at 17..4M in EU. So we have 42.9M aligned for PS2 and 34,8M for PS4. Which means that PS4 sold around 81% of PS2 numbers putting it on track for 130M if both consoles follow the same pace.

    on 22 September 2016

    < Wright posted something on torok's wall:

    The important question is, do you really still see PS3 selling more than 100m? ;)

    Hahahaha, not really. 90M would be my prediction, more than that would surprise me.

    on 28 June 2016

    Let's wait until they announce a discontinuation and tren we'll calculate!

    on 28 June 2016

    If you prefer, we can end the bet right now and declare you as the winner (of course, I will change my sign as combined in the bet).

    Anyway, I don' think it will take much time to discontinue it, unless they have another price cut coming to keep it going for 2 or 3 years.

    on 28 June 2016

    Damn, wanted to savour my inevitable victory a bit more, but that will suffice. xD

    on 28 June 2016

    Ok, so I, Torok, member of the Vgchartz community, humbly accept my defeat and the incoming consequences of our bet.

    on 28 June 2016

    Ok, sig changed, 1 month. Probably will remember to remove it only mid August, but here it is, I'm a man of my word!

    on 28 June 2016

    Fair enough then :P

    on 28 June 2016

    Fair enough then :P

    on 28 June 2016

    < Wright posted something on torok's wall:


    Hey, Wright, what's up? :)

    on 28 March 2016

    < Wright posted something on torok's wall:

    Merry Christmas and be sure to have a happy new year!

    Merry christmas and a happy new year too you too, Wright!

    on 28 December 2015

    < Ryng_Tolu posted something on torok's wall:

    Hello Torok, sorry for the disorder.

    But can i ask a question? Do you still think that PS3 will sell 100,000,000 lifetime?

    No disorder at all, buddy!

    I'm not so sure. I think 90M+ is basically a given, but 100M is becoming harder every day. My original prediction was based on the PS1/PS2 sales pattern, where both sold around 1/3 of their lifetime sales after the successor is out. With that math, PS3 would do 105M.

    However, I'm starting to think that actually PS consoles sell 1/3 of their sales after the 5th year. PS4 launched on the 7th year of the PS3. If that's the case, PS3 would end up with 96M.

    on 11 April 2015

    True, PS2 sold nearly 50,000,000 after PS3 released... honestly even for me was possible +100,000,000 for PS3 by 2013, now i think it will sell 90,000,000 to 95,000,000. :D

    on 11 April 2015

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