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    < Wright posted something on torok's wall:


    Hey, Wright, what's up? :)

    on 28 March 2016

    < Wright posted something on torok's wall:

    Merry Christmas and be sure to have a happy new year!

    Merry christmas and a happy new year too you too, Wright!

    on 28 December 2015

    < Ryng_Tolu posted something on torok's wall:

    Hello Torok, sorry for the disorder.

    But can i ask a question? Do you still think that PS3 will sell 100,000,000 lifetime?

    No disorder at all, buddy!

    I'm not so sure. I think 90M+ is basically a given, but 100M is becoming harder every day. My original prediction was based on the PS1/PS2 sales pattern, where both sold around 1/3 of their lifetime sales after the successor is out. With that math, PS3 would do 105M.

    However, I'm starting to think that actually PS consoles sell 1/3 of their sales after the 5th year. PS4 launched on the 7th year of the PS3. If that's the case, PS3 would end up with 96M.

    on 11 April 2015

    True, PS2 sold nearly 50,000,000 after PS3 released... honestly even for me was possible +100,000,000 for PS3 by 2013, now i think it will sell 90,000,000 to 95,000,000. :D

    on 11 April 2015

    < Seece posted something on torok's wall:

    Hello fellow Mortal Kombat fan, interested in joining the fan list and staying up to date with Mortal Kombat X news?

    Nice, I'm signing up for Sektor! This game will be amazing.

    on 27 January 2015

    < Ninten78 posted something on torok's wall:

    Sure post the terms of the bet :P

    We could do it this way: I bet it won't reach 1M, you bet it will. Loser has to add the following to the sig, for 1 month (I think the loser can keep the rest of the sig and just append the text): torok/Nintend78 correctly predicted that Bayonetta 2 would/wouldn't reach 1M until May 2015 and I was wrong.

    What do you think?

    on 10 January 2015

    Sure :P

    on 10 January 2015

    For now we can put...Bet with Ninten/Tor that Bayo wont/will make 1M before May then change it to that after?

    on 10 January 2015

    Deal, I'll update my sig!

    on 10 January 2015

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    Microsoft in unique position to disrupt Sony's console reign

    in Microsoft Discussion on 22 April 2016

    Swordmasterman said: I Don't think that a Price drop is enought for Microsoft, to achieve that, they already are 50US$ Cheaper, and are loosing by a lot, if PS4K, is 40000US$, there will still be the original PS4, for 350US$, and how Microsoft, can close a gap of more than 20 Millions of units ?,  the Generation don't have enought time for Microsoft, to make a...

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    Microsoft in unique position to disrupt Sony's console reign

    in Microsoft Discussion on 22 April 2016

    Your argument is flawed. Liking it or not, they could still just release a regular PS4 game with zero improvements, since PS4K runs all previous PS4-only games without issues. Even if it is a PITA, they cannot ignore the bigger install base. PS2 was a PITA compared to the OG Xbox and that didn't changed the fact that PS2 had a lot of 3rd party exclusives. Devs may complain as they wish, but...

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    Did NX influenced on decision of sony making the PS4.5?

    in Sony Discussion on 20 April 2016

    spemanig said: No, they aren't. They were responsibl for the single most overwhelming generational win of any console manufacturer last generation with an installed base of 250m. No one at Sony or Microsoft is idiotic enough to look at Nintendo as an ant. That's pretty much it. They just screwed up their strategy since 2011-12. They are pretty much a dangerous...


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