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< zippy Happy Gaming to all my fellow VG charterz :)
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< Kaizar posted something on zippy's wall:

Please sign my Petition:

And did you play that 3rd party 3DS eShop game that is like WaveRace?

Not had chance to look at it yet, but i hear a Wii U version is coming :)

on 11 June 2014

< RedInker posted something on zippy's wall:

Hi dude. Sorry to hear the play off final result. Its a shame an ex Gas player got the goal.

Yeah we deserved better, but football is a cruel game. Better luck next season 😢

on 24 May 2014

At least your boys aren't in the skrill premier like mine lol.

on 24 May 2014

Rovers are not a non league club, they will bounce staight back

on 24 May 2014

< PigPen posted something on zippy's wall:

Hi my new friend. I thought I would never find one from the UK. I thought you'll was anti-Nintendo.

There are still a few of us in the UK keeping the resistance alive. I love Nintendo, Wii U and 3DS is the ultimate gaming combo, still got my GameCube as well

on 23 May 2014

My NNID is hona_hona_2 if you wanna add me on miiverse.

on 23 May 2014

You what's sad, I can't find my Gamepad charger to power up my Wii U right now. I will add you when I can.

NNID: LockedSafe

on 23 May 2014

Thats cool, will add you later.

on 23 May 2014

< Einsam_Delphin posted something on zippy's wall:

You've added me as a Wii U friend, so we may aswell become friends on here too! Also I take it you'll be getting Mario Kart 8!? :D

Oh yes, thanks for the add, hopefully we will be enjoying some online battles :)

on 07 May 2014

Yesssss! Be sure to play in our tournaments aswell!

on 07 May 2014

Let's all be friends.

on 23 May 2014

< Cornishguilt posted something on zippy's wall:

Hey Zippy, recently got a 3ds, do you mind if I add you as a friend? Good name by the way, I preferred Zippy to both Bungle and George

No probs mate, glad to add u as a friend

on 26 April 2014

Cheers mate.

on 26 April 2014

Btw, my code is 0232-9757-7553, feel free to add me if you want. Laters!

on 26 April 2014

will add you today :)

on 27 April 2014

Ive not forgotton you buddy, i havent turned my 3DS on for over a week (busy with Wii U). Im goinng to dedicate some time for it this weekend :)

on 02 May 2014

No worries! Been playing quite a bit of Mario Golf by the way, I highly recommend it, great game. Also, been thinking about getting a Wii U, how have you been finding it? My main console is a PS4 at the mo, but my love of Mario Kart is pulling me towards picking up a Wii U. The game pad looks a bit clunky and off-putting though.

on 03 May 2014

The Wii U is criminally underrated, it really is a console for the gamer. It has a great library of games and the gamepad is the single greatest controller i have used in gaming, It looks huge, but it just melts into your hands. I recommend you take advantage of one of the upcoming MK8 bundles, there are some great prices out there. BTW Mario golf looks pretty cool.

on 03 May 2014

Interesting. Do you mind me asking a couple of questions about it? Do you usually the game pad, or do you switch to the pro controller when a game doesn't require the second screen? Also, can you use the pro controller for all games? One thing making me hesitate is the region locking. I live in Japan, but want an English language, UK Wii U, which drives up the cost a fair bit. To import one would set me back about 250 pounds (bundle with one game). If it were region free, I probably would have bought one on impulse by now!

on 03 May 2014

Scratch my last comment, I went out and bought a Japanese Wii U today, ha! Once the idea of buying something gets into my head, it's inevitable unfortunately. Haven't had that much time with it yet, but am actually quite impressed with it so far. Like you said, the gamepad may look big, but is light and comfortable. Haven't got my head around Miiverse/Tvii etc yet, but will get there.

on 06 May 2014

congrats m8, add me on Miiverse my NNID os hona_hona_2.

on 06 May 2014

Will do, cheers.

on 06 May 2014

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Write 14

Amiibo sales tracking?

in Sales Discussion 8 hours ago

If Nintendo post insane profits, assume Amiibo has done well :)...

Write 52

Nintendo's Holiday commercials are simply AWFUL...

in Gaming Discussion 8 hours ago

Ljink96 said:I love my family Nintendo, I don't like looking at other families though Nintendo. Just do what everyone else is doing: Show gameplay only and then say get "game" on "console". Example that I HATE "get call of duty Advanced Warfare on Xbox One". I hate that commercial but it worked. Nintendo needs to go back to advertising their IP. I mean, who could forget Smash 64's commercial?...

Write 5

My local Best Buy had a pretty awesome Amiibo/Nintendo display

in Nintendo Discussion 20 hours ago

That's good to hear, hopefully Nintendo have great holiday sales....


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Favourite Books: books on Derby County FC
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Favourite Food: Indian,Italian,Mexican and good old steak and chips.

Hobbies: Gaming, football , guitarist, tennis player, socialising

About Me: Im a dedicated family man and im heavily into gaming.Im not a fanboy (although Nintendo is my preference) i just love great games regardless of what system it is on.

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