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< JayWood2010 posted something on sales2099's wall:

Thank you for having my back xD

We live in dangerous times

1 day ago

Yeah thanks sales for putting words into my mouth. I'm still waiting for your proof that I said those things.

1 day ago

To be fair, i wasnt talking about you Fusion, rather i was talking about Shinobili since out of everybody commenting, he is the only one that acts like what he says is absolute fact when in reality he is giving nothing more than an opinion.

1 day ago

Oh i know jaywood, my beef's not with you, it's with sales.

1 day ago

Gotta keep putting stuff in your mouth, maybe then you'll be quiet ;)

1 day ago

< d21lewis posted something on sales2099's wall:

I KNEW something was missing!

I said the word "zealot". Geez they are really enforcing their "no religious references" clause in the terms and agreements lol

6 days ago

< JoeTheBro posted something on sales2099's wall:

Fun fact: your sig is outdated since Killzone sf was announced at 2.1 million. Still impressive that it took 6 games to top it though.

maybe I should change it to Halo 3 now :P

on 17 March 2014

Haha that would probably stqy valid till the next killzone releases.

on 17 March 2014

< Augen posted something on sales2099's wall:

Wait...if you made a Green Lantern reference...does that mean 2099 in your username is a reference to the Marvel line of the 1990s with Spider-Man 2099?

More like my hotmail email has a 2009 in it lol but that is A for effort on your part.

on 07 March 2014

< JayWood2010 posted something on sales2099's wall:

Welcome back :)

Had nice holidays. Now back in the office :)

on 02 January 2013

Isn't it sooooo fun :P lol jp

on 02 January 2013

I hope you didn't miss jaywood's impeccable impression sales!

on 03 January 2013

What are you talking about?

on 03 January 2013

your thread!

on 03 January 2013

where you impersonated marilyn monroe i think

on 03 January 2013

lmao haha I forgot about that lol I was really confused

on 03 January 2013

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Write 194

"The Console Market is Shrinking" is a BS Statement

in Sales Discussion 14 minutes ago

LordLichtenstein said: sales2099 said: Ya, numbers. X1 outselling 360 in same timeframe in 13 countries at $100-$200 price difference. Don't know how to make this any simpler. You are talking like its the WiiU. You really don't get it do you.. Neither do you. Agree to disagree...and that the X1 isn't as bad as WiiU ;)...

Write 178

Why is Titanfall Considered a Big Exclusive for XB1 but FFXIV not for PS4?

in Gaming Discussion 18 minutes ago

Dr.Henry_Killinger said: sales2099 said: lol don't understand why you persist. Maybe you are just trolling for the sake of not wanting to back away from any fight. Look, OP asks why Titanfall is a bigger release then FF14. One is a fresh FPS and the other is a MMO, a niche genre on consoles. This is the barest of bare bones core of the argument here. And yet still you act like the...

Write 42

Why do Japan and Zelda not mix?

in Nintendo Discussion 22 minutes ago

not enough anime?...


Occupation: Sales

Education: BA

University: York

Height: 6'0

Build: Other

Eye colour: Blue

Hair colour: Brown

Zodiac sign: Libra

Relationship status: Dating

Favourite Games: WRPG, RTS, FPS

Favourite Music: Top 40

Favourite Films: Action and comedy

Favourite Books: Halo, Starcraft, Mass Effect, Gears of War series.

Favourite Food: Veal

Hobbies: Soccer

About Me: Game on the 360 and DS.

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