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< sawedofforc posted something on sales2099's wall:

GeneralMLD! I've missed you on the youtube scene. 7th level misses you, Solidrev misses you, and the sony ponies are getting all elitist without you there to put them in their place!

Please come back and expose them all over again and give us that good old entertainment we love!

And debates! Tons of em.

I understand you got work and a relationship and a house to run, but man a few mins out of every week can't kill ya?

Anyway, hope you make the right decision!

From Steve/sawedofforc/demonwolf/demondragondude/pspvampire

I am flattered you still remember the good ol days ;). It isn't in the cards right now but thanks for the message :)

5 days ago

< Carl2291 posted something on sales2099's wall:

Welcome back, you were missing for a few Months!

Office monitors internet traffic. Been using my cell but now that the holiday break is around the corner and things are dying down, I can post more often.

5 days ago

< FattyDingDong posted something on sales2099's wall:

Isn't it sad how Microsoft allowed Sony to re take America this gen I know the gap isn't too big but when we look at last gen, the 360 sold twice as much as the ps3 in America. As much as I love the Xbox One I think Microsoft really needs to do something about this, it may be too late idk.

You must have, to put it lightly........overlooked all the strides MS has made in the last few months. We get it, Xbox led by Don Mattrick severely damaged the Xbox brand, especially After how well 360 did and continues to do.

That said, there is nothing sad about being a Xbox gamer now. MS is doing frequent updates and securing their fair share of big name games. They aren't gonna be last place for an entire gen like PS3 was and will sell decent enough lifetime even if 1st isn't in the cards.

Thank you

on 27 November 2014

lol still wont let it go the 360 finished in last place last gen weather you like it or not, now move on past is the past why cant you just be a neutral gamer and drop the fan boy crap!

on 09 December 2014

Listen you gotta understand I'm all for Microsoft succeeding I hope they take back US and regain UK and Western Europe.

on 11 December 2014

360 did finish last place.....when the next gen started. lol excuse me if I don't loose sleep over it.

5 days ago

it finished in last place months before the next gen started, well i suppose you can boast about one generation being ahead of Sony while the other two and the current your not doing so well in so im sure you wont lose any sleep over that too.

4 days ago

Xbox 1 is a healthy second. No bottom dwelling like PS fans last gen :)

2 days ago

< daredevil.shark posted something on sales2099's wall:

Havent seen you for a while. Whats up? Please do come back.

He is dead

on 02 November 2014

Commenting from my cell. New office job monitors Internet traffic so for now I can't comment during the day :(

That said things are picking up. Xbox one has the best bundles going in, it's holiday lineup seems to be superior to ps4, especially with drive club falling below expectations, and the frequent meaningful updates shows Microsoft is listening.

Also going to be 2nd place soon, gonna have it like 4x as fast as it took PS3 to take 2nd. So no bottom dwelling for an entire gen for us. :)

I'll try to make an appearance when I can

on 06 November 2014

PS4 still got dat #1 place WW though w/ almost 50% marketshare at just a year in. Ain't no chance of XBone taking that ;)

Plus, Sony hasn't even launched their holiday bundles yet. M$ might be offering the better price, but just imagine how much money they're losing. No way are they still turning a profit by selling the console at up to $70 off w/ XBL Gold and Third Party titles (besides SO and MCC). They've already played their best cards for the rest of the year and still only gained some ground in the US. This whole charade more like a desperate cry for relevance, rather than legitimate competition.

Also, we already know PS4 has 2015 in the bag. Over 40 exclusives already, and that's only gonna go up after PSE. XBone users gotta wait until summer for Quantum Break, and then wait a few more months for Halo 5.

on 21 November 2014

@DialgaMarine - If you know my history then you know my view towards MS and Sony. This was a greeting post. Now you guys are trying to make a forum post.

on 21 November 2014

Well as a gamer I couldn't be happier. Lots of games and support, with the most value to the consumer...all because they are losing. Also we just took 2nd place. No bottom dwelling for an entire gen like PS3 fans did ;).

I also like how Xbox has had better big name offerings for launch 2013 and this year. Very unexpected.

on 21 November 2014

I thought you all about your favorite company making money? You didn't seem to think that way towards Sony when they made the conscious decision to lose so much to make the consumer happy. ;)

Well, 2014 is one and done, and next year belongs to the PS4. :)

on 22 November 2014

wow your still just as immature, would have thought you were out of nappies by now, obviously not.

on 24 November 2014

Kinda funny I'm being lectured on MS making money when Sony is the one that desperately needs as much as they can get :p. Meanwhile Xbox one isn't last place for an entire gem like PS3 was and MS is actively trying as opposed to Sony getting comfortable in their victory. Im a happy camper

on 24 November 2014

Not sure what getting comfortable means when you can't deny the PS4 has the far superior lineup for 2015. I mean, Sony's only in it's best financial state since 2011 and is only getting better. If they can meet their forecast from their PS division for the next fiscal year, which they probably will, they'll definitely be on the right track. PS Plus, alone, is probably making them bank right now.

on 25 November 2014

And i wasn't lecturing; just throwing it out there that you ignored these points when you threw much hate at the PS3 during your youtube days. ;)

on 25 November 2014

We shall see who has better games in 2015. 360 had quantity but PS3 "won" years with better big name games. In that regard it could be anyone's game. Again I'm just amazed Xbox outdid ps4 in launch 2013 and 2014 in big name games. It ain't 2015 yet, I for one am still loving 2014 ;)

on 25 November 2014

I think 2014 has been good for both sides. PS4 has been my only console and I haven't been disappointed. :)

on 26 November 2014

< r3tr0gam3r1337 posted something on sales2099's wall:

seams you'll never grow up!

I don't understand. I make good money and bought a house a couple years ago, also have a serious relationship. What I do anonymously online has no bearing on my real life :)

on 28 July 2014

so why do you continue to act like an immature child, anonymously or not pretty much everyone apart from you have moved on for the childish immature baiting for the last generation, isn't it about time you did the same "anonymously or not".

on 04 August 2014

Well to be fair you now must say this comment to every fan you see bashing X1 irrationally. Better hurry, you got a LOT of people to hunt down.

on 05 August 2014

already have, if you had a sudden rationality of not causing petty arguments over consoles and manufactures im sure many will follow suit.

on 05 August 2014

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What makes you happy?

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Home-ownership and my girlfriend. Also Pizza Hut with extra cheese and stuffed crust with garlic dipping sauce. ;)...

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Last of Us PS4 vs Titanfall Xbox1: Which will sell more globally lifetime?

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OttoniBastos said: sales2099 said:Sony has been bundling TLOU this whole year since its launch. It has been the #1 excuse to price hike the PS4 to $450 where I live (even though the game profited long ago and thus is just meant to pad PS4 production costs). Nothing wrong with mass bundling though, but I do take issue when you compare such a circumstance to a non-mass bundled game...

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Last of Us PS4 vs Titanfall Xbox1: Which will sell more globally lifetime?

in Sales Discussion 15 hours ago

DerNebel said: sales2099 said: DerNebel said: You take issues with it if it doesn't help your case... if it does then you're willing to compare anything you can get e.g. 3 Forza games versus 1 Gran Turismo ;) K so im being bias. Shock of the century lol. Why do you complain about other people being biased then? :-D Double standards offcourse! :)...


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