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< Ka-pi96 posted something on sales2099's wall:

Congrats on 10k posts!

Damn.....didn't notice that. Look at the time go.

4 days ago

< FrontlineJaguar posted something on sales2099's wall:

Thanks sales2099 your definition helped me and my team to make one big article. Hats Off Man

A very good read. Nice article!

on 27 June 2014

< Barenziah posted something on sales2099's wall:

didn't we get quite a few "pretend exclusives" yesterday,need an update,almost every vidoe watched had a "beta first on","first content on","exclusive content on",how do they effect your pretend exclusive list

I think it is more then that. Exclusive marketing plays a far bigger role and that is the primary factor I look out for. Also, it really comes down to the end result sales for the hardware.

Titanfall gave only X1 a major boost, just like how only PS4 benefitted from Watch Dogs. Both were due to marketing catering to only 1 console.

on 16 June 2014

Just saying that timed DLC or exclusive betas are bonuses to compliment the marketing, but not reasons in itself. I believe my definition mentions that.

on 16 June 2014

so it is just exclusive console bundles then and nothing else,

private alpha/beta and exlcusive dlc will become more prominent as the gen goes on i reckon,could make a pretend exclusive thread i suppose so we can see the little extra bribes

on 16 June 2014

< NaughtyOttsel posted something on sales2099's wall: thoughts?

I don't see a PS4 version so nothing changed

on 09 June 2014

Yes but alot of people now use gaming PCs, so PS fans can now play it.

on 09 June 2014

All that could have bought a X1 for DR3 already have done so by now. Otherwise, you admit that PS fans need other systems to do what X1 can do. Again, this changes nothing in a strict X1 vs PS comparison.

on 09 June 2014

< kitler53 posted something on sales2099's wall:

i think we need to have a talk about the term "pretend exclusive". i think destiny and watchdogs need to be called marketing exclusives because we need a term for games like dead rising 3 where exclusivity is stated as a fact (even outright denying it will ever come to other platforms like PC) and then a few months later it is announced for those other platforms.

i think "pretend exclusive" fits that kind of game much better than a game known to be multiplat but only marketed for one platform.

But those games also have exclusive PS content. Also thats why I say "pretend" because we really know they are multiplat. But to the masses.....not really.

on 09 June 2014

Also, the PS4 hardware boost it got from Watchdogs really does drive my point home. For all intents and purposes, WD is a PS exclusive (going on its weekly hardware changes compared to X1).

on 09 June 2014

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The Xbox One: A Lying Failure Machine

in Gaming Discussion 13 hours ago

BMaker11 said:   But that doesn't make any sense. They are all "just as essential", but remove blu ray and the Xbone literally wouldn't work. Remove RAM and the Xbone literally wouldn't work. Remove the CPU and the Xbone literally wouldn't work. Remove Kinect and....the Xbone is just fine. But he wanted to leave the impression that it literally wouldn't...

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Does MS have an IP that on level with Gears or Halo that we don't know about?

in Microsoft Discussion 13 hours ago

jlmurph2 said: kupomogli said: Titanfall, a next gen Xbox One console exclusive sold more than all the other Xbox One exclusives.  Halo and Gears.  Xbox 360s top selling exclusives.  Kind of points towards the fanbase being more interested in shooters than anything else. And I did say "a large part of  the audience," afterall.  "A large part"...

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Does MS have an IP that on level with Gears or Halo that we don't know about?

in Microsoft Discussion 13 hours ago

S.T.A.G.E. said: I ask this question because MS gave up on Black Tusks new game to go continue status quo with Gears of War. So....where is the new IP that will take over when Halo and Gears get old? Did I miss anything at E3? Sure, MS has a lot of fun games that pass the time like Dance Central Spotlight, Forza Horizon, Ori and the Blind Forest, Crackdown and more. Where is the heavy...


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