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< RolStoppable posted something on Zekkyou's wall:

PC gaming has nothing to do with wanting the best experience.

I don't remember saying anything like this recently? :p I'm sure wanting a better experience (such as with performance) is a common reason for becoming a PC gamer though. It's why i started.

I don't think PC gaming provides an inherently better experience though. You just have more options in how you want to invest in it.

3 days ago

Somebody else said it. The argument was that if Nintendo had all multiplatform games at equal or better performance than PS and Xbox, Nintendo titles and free online, then hardcore gamers would buy the Nintendo console. I responded by saying that if hardcore gamers really cared about the best experience, then they would game on the PC where online is also free. So I was told that PC gaming has nothing to do with wanting the best experience.

2 days ago

Well that's a bit silly. There are definitely many who play on PC simply because they prefer it, but those of us that build gaming PCs don't do so for the shits and giggles. That would be a lot of time and money to waste on something we apparently don't care about :p

I do think a console having a performance advantage can be beneficial to sales (depending on the cost of that advantage), but in my experience it's usually seen as more of a small benefit than a major selling point.

2 days ago

< outlawauron posted something on Zekkyou's wall:

So many crossovers in your avatar!

Heh, thinking them up is a lot of fun.

5 days ago

< Materia-Blade posted something on Zekkyou's wall:


You seem to live in a world where wii u isn't in the same power range as ps4/x1. you can totally argue that graphically, wii u/ps4/x1 games can be downgraded to ps360 level. but saying the same about wii u to wii equals not even trying to be serious.

Believe whatever tickles your fancy, Materia-Blade. It's really not my problem ^^

5 days ago

I don't work with beliefs, only facts.

5 days ago

Okay :p

5 days ago

< Ryng_Tolu posted something on Zekkyou's wall:

Coll new avatar! :D

Thanks :)

5 days ago

< VXIII posted something on Zekkyou's wall:

I have a question. Why do you keep using the symbol ":p" even though your posts are realistic and reasonable ?

And do you like Claire Farron or FF XIII ?

Claire Farron aka Lightning.

5 days ago

I use it for various things, but in the comments i assume you're referring to it's my way of saying "because it's currently shit, lol".

A bit of both. I absolutely adore Lightning/Claire's design, but i did also enjoy FF13 quite a lot. Some stuff fell short of my expectations, but overall i felt it was a good game. The most common criticism i see against it is how linear it was, but I've never seen that as an inherent negative (i quite liked it in FF13).

5 days ago

I also liked XIII despite some of its shortcomings.

5 days ago

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Graphics VS Gameplay VS Story. Which is more important to you?

in Gaming Discussion 27 minutes ago

Tachikoma said:All three, and there's no reason why developers shouldn't aim for all three, either. ...

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Nintendo news spread like s#!t thrown at the fan

in Gaming Discussion 12 hours ago

I've always found it interesting how a minority of every fanbase tries to paint itself as the victims of unjust persecution. You'd almost think it was the result of singular retention rather than broad analysis ^^...

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Another great console PS4 exclusive: Axiom Verge Meta: 88

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Wright said: Zekkyou said: It's not an exclusive Wright, it's an "exclusive" :p [image] ...


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