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< Zekkyou Not being able to play Ratchet & Clank until i get back to the UK is slowly tearing my heart in two
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< IkePoR posted something on Zekkyou's wall:

I've been inspired to create myself a sig similar to yours. It's pretty great. Wish me luck.

< axumblade posted something on Zekkyou's wall:

Thank you for fighting the good fight soldier!


on 11 June 2016

< Versus_Evil posted something on Zekkyou's wall:

Thank you :) 😘

No problem :) Sorry about the delay, i'm just tidying up now.

on 11 June 2016

No problem, I wanna say it could have been far worse.. but I don't see how lol.

on 11 June 2016

< Barkley posted something on Zekkyou's wall:

I recommend mods in the future have the ability to temporarily stop new users from signing up, that way when some dumb raid starts it can be stopped immediately.

I imagine it's a topic me and the other mods will address when some more get on.

on 11 June 2016

< Versus_Evil posted something on Zekkyou's wall:

Thank God a mod is online. Save us. Please.

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Write 56

No PS4 NEO this year?

in Gaming Discussion 2 days ago

GribbleGrunger said: MS kind of have Sony in a jam here. If Sony release an iterative console this year or early next year then MS can simply call the Scorpio the XB2 and so the perception will be they're leading in the 9th generation. If Sony decide to release the Neo this year or early next year and try to one up MS by calling it the PS5 in order to try and get an early lead in the 9th...

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NX Buyers: 1080P Or Better Detail 720P?

in Nintendo Discussion 2 days ago

If the NX maintains 720p as it's primary standard, i honestly might just not buy it. Games don't suddenly become bad at 720p, but my gaming time is already very limited (i'd guess i only get to play 1 out of every 2 or 3 major releases i'm excited for). If i have to choose between Nintendo games and those i'm already currently missing out on, but the former requires me to buy yet another console...

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Less Than One Percent Of No Manís Sky Players Reported Issues

in Gaming Discussion on 18 August 2016

While the internet does allow vocal minorities to appear much larger than they actually are, the percentage of people having issues is certainly higher than 1%. Those are just the people not only having problems, but that actively went out of their way to use the support system to find answers. We can't know how much more than 1% it'd be, but i'd expect it to increase a decent amount when you...


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