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< PullusPardus posted something on Zekkyou's wall:

What server you're in ffxiv?

Faerie at the moment, but I've been thinking of moving over to an EU server at some point. Not sure which yet though :p

on 27 July 2014

I'm in Zodiark , its empty during the night, its fun that way.

on 27 July 2014

< Serious_frusting posted something on Zekkyou's wall:

the order 1886 is actually 1080p bars or not. Thats the pixels that is on the screen. bars or not. It dont make a dif. You have a point but you need to use the right words

Perhaps, but the area actually being render is 1920x800. Sure, technically it's 1920x1080 including the bars, but when discussing the game's resolution i don't consider those bars part of the discussion. They are a product of the resolution, not directly part of it themselves.

on 21 July 2014

< fatslob-:O posted something on Zekkyou's wall:

Zero999 is gone ...

Thank goodness for that.

on 10 July 2014

< drake_tolu posted something on Zekkyou's wall:

If you want, look this!


< shenlong213 posted something on Zekkyou's wall:

Just curious, what is the game on the right with a orange suited-woman ?

Also, your avatar was Lightning combine with Imouto, right ?

It's Chell from Portal ^^ That's her on the cover of the Portal 2 prequel comic "Lab Rat".

And yeah my avatar is a lighting/imouto cross over.

on 20 June 2014

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Write 36

Blatant font copying - what is Sony's inference?

in Gaming Discussion 4 hours ago

I doubt Sony themselves are implying anything. Seems more likley that whoever was paid to design the ad either didn't realize the origin of the front, or has a sense of humour :-D...

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Did the Xbox One cross the 500k units mark in September?

in Sales Discussion 4 hours ago

kowenicki said: ethomaz said: siddhartha87 said:Well it undertracked in US as per the NPD data; factoring in the China and Tier 3 countries release and big game launches (Destiny, FIFA), its safe to assume that Xone at least crossed 500K 284k vs 281k Seems on spot in US by NPD data.   VGC had it at 247k September's NPD was a 5 week month....

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Sunset Overdrive Dev Explains Why It Chose 900p Over 1080p

in Microsoft Discussion 6 hours ago

prinz_valium said: daredevil.shark said:The game looks fun. This resolution war is getting quite annoying. I played red dead redemption in 640p in PS3 and it didnt stopped the fun of the game. this. when did this shit become a thing? last gen no one cared. i didnt even know the resolution of ONE single game on my console :D btw i know them now, its mentioned often when...


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