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< Wright posted something on Zekkyou's wall:

I'd like to see kinky Lightning.

Vanille flavored kink

on 21 May 2015

< XanderXT posted something on Zekkyou's wall:

I feel like playing Lighting Returns just by looking at your avatar.

< PieToast posted something on Zekkyou's wall:

Games are about the interactivity with the controller; they require the players input and challenge his/her dexterity. Modern games deviated from actual gaming because they focus more on the audio-visual experience i.e. presentation, aesthetics and writing.

A video game doesn't have to challenge your dexterity, it just needs to allow you to "electronically manipulate images produced by a computer program on a monitor or other display" (to quote the actual definition).

One of the great things about gaming is how broad a medium it is. Even the term "interactivity" is very open. That's why something like Steins;Gate, which contains literally no interactivity outside of narrative choices, can still be considered a video game. As long as that core interactive foundation is there, it's still a game (which is why we don't stop calling Zelda a game while you're reading dialogue boxes; it's just part of the overall package).

on 06 April 2015

By my definition, some games can be more "video gamey" than others, and by extension better. I'm just being silly here of course (that's why I rewrote the post two times because I felt a little self conscious). Gaming is indeed a broad medium and it doesn't require this many sub-conditions, because we can always find exceptions. Not unless anyone wants to discredit or dismiss something. :P

on 06 April 2015

Indeed ^^ There's nothing wrong with someone putting more value in one type of interactivity over another, or disliking the non-interactive elements of some games (the broadness of gaming also makes its qualities open to a lot of subjective debate), but it is incredibly annoying when people create arbitrary conditions to write off a type of game they don't like :p

on 06 April 2015

< Leadified posted something on Zekkyou's wall:

You need to come on Skype more often

I'll try and pop on later tonight! ^^

on 06 April 2015


on 06 April 2015

< PieToast posted something on Zekkyou's wall:

Well ain't that cute.

on 04 April 2015

Just wanted to post something nice on your wall for anyone who visits because your posts are are such a joy to read.

on 04 April 2015

Thanks! ^^

on 04 April 2015

Is there a full pic of that?

on 09 April 2015

I see what you did there but nope and nope.

on 09 April 2015

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Exclusives 2015: Xbox One vs PlayStation 4. The complete list

in Gaming Discussion 37 minutes ago

Ka-pi96 said: TheLastStarFighter said:FYI, there is no such thing as second party. You are either first or third. Some people call third parties making exclusive content or wholey owned external studios second party, but it's an erroneous term. I'm now going to play a second person shooter. It's not an erroneous term. So what if it doesn't have an official usage, it was made...

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Exclusives 2015: Xbox One vs PlayStation 4. The complete list

in Gaming Discussion 47 minutes ago

You should probably add a retail-only section (not including limited runs). It can help reduce the amount of drama threads like these often generate ^^...

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Rumour: Silent Hill SAVED? Might be an Xbox One Exclusive.

in Microsoft Discussion 4 hours ago

I'm somewhat skeptical. I can't imagine why they'd spend 'billions' on the Silent Hill IP when that money could easily fund a dozen new AAA IP. Still, assuming the cost part is wrong (or MS is just silly), i'd rather someone buy it up than Konami leave it to rot....


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