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< tak13 posted something on Conegamer's wall:

hhahahhahahahaha conegamer shame on you,you rejected my second friend request!

< MohammadBadir posted something on Conegamer's wall:

Is this opposite day? XD

Something like that. Blame Ka-Pi!

1 hour ago

< RealGamingExpert posted something on Conegamer's wall:

You are a monster Cone...

Either your dog really changed over night or you're a cat now!

Blame Ka-Pi. I know I do

4 hours ago

Is that your cat btw?

3 hours ago

Not this time. If it made Ka-Pi get an adventure time avatar (it was going to be mine but thought he could have this one), then it's all worth it

3 hours ago

< tak13 posted something on Conegamer's wall:

do me a favor, transfer it in sales discussion please!also correct if you can mistakes,wii u media create ldt in my thread hasnt been posted well :( only the three

*first digits of the million,are seemable!

5 hours ago

kresnik took action:P

4 hours ago

Always Krezzy.

4 hours ago

looooooooool comment on my thread:P it proves wii u accurate tracking and verifies 7m sold,and xboxone
huge overtracking in usa:P

4 hours ago

Maybe I will :)

4 hours ago

let me clarify:accurate tracking in japan and usa,because in Germany is undertracked by 65k units:P

4 hours ago

< Ka-pi96 posted something on Conegamer's wall:

So... I've made it up to 47 ppd, is that better Cone?

Damn spammers everywhere.

Anyway you're on 46.53PPD, still got some way to go to get my approval.

And change your avatar!

6 hours ago

But it rounds up now... how much do you want? lol

I will if you do ;)

6 hours ago

It'll do I suppose.

And fine. It shall be done

6 hours ago

You are taking my cat avy offer? :O

6 hours ago

Nope, sorry

6 hours ago

That was the deal. You be a cat for a week and I'll be whatever you want for a week. No cat no change...

6 hours ago

There was no such deal. Stop fabricating things!

6 hours ago

I offered it on my wall, still waiting for you to accept it though :(

6 hours ago

Fine let's do it

6 hours ago

:o so cute!
What do you want mine to be?

6 hours ago

I've just sent you it you numpty!

6 hours ago

And the numpty has recieved it (y)

6 hours ago

This will win you more friends than the previous avatar for sure.

Question is, do you know who it is?

6 hours ago

Adventure time character! Marceline?

6 hours ago

Good Ka-Pi. You'll go far with Google as your friend.

6 hours ago

Actually it was in the filename so... :)

6 hours ago

Even worse. Was hoping you would remember it from that video I sent you, but alas.

6 hours ago

Clearly it didn't leave the same mark on you as it did on me :-(

6 hours ago

Sorry to disappoint Cone :(

6 hours ago

It's alright. It just means we need to drill more AT trivia into you, and that's fine by me!

6 hours ago

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Write 7

Final Fantasy Explorers Will Let You Transform Into Cloud And Other Final Fantasy Heroes

in Nintendo Discussion 1 hour ago

Interesting concept...FF certainly has the back catalogue of great characters for something like this...

Write 49940

Xbox Empire - Phil Spencer "Rare will Become an Important part of our Game Future, More than Kinect - KI New Character, Halo, Behemoth New Game, & More at PAX - MSFT 5 New First Party Studios Revealed

in Microsoft Discussion 1 hour ago

Yeah franchises sounds good to me Marcy 5. Paper Mario 4. Pokemon 3. Final Fantasy 2. Dragon Quest 1. Xenoblade...

Write 29

GTA5 getting too big for PS3 12GB...

in Sony Discussion 1 hour ago

Agreed. Back on topic please, guys! This thread isn't about the 360...


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