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< Versus_Evil posted something on Conegamer's wall:


Dogs makes everything better.

2 hours ago

Look at his.. Happy face, he always wanted to be a unicorn:3

1 hour ago

< Snesboy posted something on Conegamer's wall:

Stop banning me when you know "Mr. PlayStation" starts more flamebait and trolling threads then I do.

Rules be rules Snesboy, sorry.

14 hours ago

Then ban him.

14 hours ago

When he breaks the rules, then definitely. If you have an example then please say or PM, it's quite possible I just missed it

13 hours ago


13 hours ago

You're the best Snesboy. Don't ever change

13 hours ago

< MARCUSDJACKSON posted something on Conegamer's wall:

That's all folks. Rock on Boston!!!!

Yeah, go Boston!

I suppose. How are things there?

16 hours ago

I dont live in boston. Go Pats lol. Wait Go Hawks. ? Ill b at work so it wont matter.

15 hours ago

Ah, sad to hear. There's always the DVR!

14 hours ago

Lol don't have one. Hope they re-air it on NFL network

14 hours ago

< MARCUSDJACKSON posted something on Conegamer's wall:

That's all folks. Rock on Boston!!!!

< Paulineate posted something on Conegamer's wall:

Judging by your wall, you like Mathematics! Kewl.

I'm a bit torn right now, I'll be leaving for Uni in a couple of years and I'm not sure If I want to major in Math or Computer Science .-.

Yup! I'm doing Maths at Uni right now. It's good fun, if very very hard.

One possibility would be to do a Maths degree for the first year, then you should always have an option to move over to Computer Science thereafter.

Both good choices though.

19 hours ago

Is that an option?

18 hours ago

There's actually a double Math and CS major that I could go to, but I'd rather having a Physics major than both of those 2 together, so I have to choose :/

18 hours ago

It depends which University course you choose, but a number will allow switching so long as you change early.

At the end of the day it's whether or not you want to move more into the applied side or the theoretical side in pure Mathematics. There's joys and stresses in both.

Still you have a year or two to decide. A lot can happen in that time!

18 hours ago

I understand some of these words!

18 hours ago

I'm proud of you RGE. You're learning!

18 hours ago

He'll be able to do basic addition and subtraction by 2045 (':

16 hours ago

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Who do you look up to and admire on VGChartz?

in Website Feedback 3 hours ago

Smeags. Quite an easy answer for me really. He was my first friend on the site, he's the guy I've spoken to the most and he's helped encourage me to be more comfortable and to come back to the site after I left. Without him I probably wouldn't be here, and I definitely wouldn't be the guy I am today. Then, ofcourse, I became a mod and he's an awesome head mod to boot! That doesn't mean...

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NintenDomination - New 3DS Reviews Incoming!

in Nintendo Discussion 3 hours ago

Didn't realize this Splatoon event was going to be quite as big as it is. Good to see Nintendo doing something to promote the game though....

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VGChartz Greatest User Tournament 2014 - Stage 2 - Round 7

in Gaming Discussion 13 hours ago

3 - Teeqoz (I love ya man! You're just the best and don't let anyone tell you otherwise) 2 - Starcraft (A mod after my own heart. He's just all sorts of awesome) 1 - Jizz (Another awesome user but I'VE only started talking to him recently) Good luck all, congratulations to my manager Weight too! ...


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