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< Slarvax posted something on Conegamer's wall:

Ah damn it, I missed your birthday

Eeh... happy birthday. Better late that never, right?

It is indeed, so thanks! :)

How have you been?

on 07 August 2016

Good good. Enjoying my last few weeks of vacation. How about you?

on 07 August 2016

< Dr.Vita posted something on Conegamer's wall:

Conegamer! What's up? :)

Hello there good doctor! Not too much, busy with work and the like but that's about a given these days no? Also awaiting NMS with baited breath...fortunately there's only a few more days to wait now. What about you?

on 04 August 2016

I still have 3 weeks of my vacation left and therefore I have a lot time for many things like gaming (currently playing Just Cause 3 and One Piece: Burning Blood). :D

on 04 August 2016

Oh nice. How are you finding JC3? I quite liked it but never finished it (as it got a bit repetitive)

on 04 August 2016

I am enjoying it but yeah the story is really repetitive imo. The frame rate in the game is also a joke... Shame that it never got patched. :/

on 04 August 2016

< Kresnik posted something on Conegamer's wall:

And it was your birthday and I missed it? Ily. Hope you had a good day.

It's quite alright Krezzy! It was only yesterday! But thanks :)

Yeah it was a lot of fun. Got to spend a little bit of time back home with family just not doing a whole lot which is, actually, a lot more fun than it sounds.

on 02 August 2016

< Ka-pi96 posted something on Conegamer's wall:

Happy getting old day

Ugh I wasn't too worried about that until you said it but now...I'll just be 21 forever. That's possible right?

Thanks :)

on 02 August 2016

Well you can at least say you're 21 forever. People will believe you, for awhile at least... :p

on 02 August 2016

< the-pi-guy posted something on Conegamer's wall:

Happy Birthday!

Thanks my friend! I was trying to think of something suitably mathematically accurate to respond with but I'm out of ideas :(

on 02 August 2016

I forgive you! (This time....) ;-)

on 04 August 2016

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Write 18306

PS community thread: Play more, Pay more.

in Sony Discussion 1 hour ago

Just made it to chapter 5 (?) of Until Dawn, where I'm heading through the Sanitorium. All very exciting so far after what was becoming a bit of a slow burner. Seems to have picked up though now which I'm pleased about; looking forward to seeing what lies ahead....

Write 44

Mafia Round LXXII? Sign-up - Topic undecided

in General Discussion 4 hours ago

Might be interested in this but, can't say anything for sure. For now I will say no. I'll keep half an eye on it at any rate!...

Write 20

Humble Capcom PlayStation Bundle Available Today

in Sony Discussion 4 days ago

Ugh. Looks great but it's NA only...typical. ...


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