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< Conegamer updated his status:

27,500 post party!

Congrats! (party)

2 hours ago

< Conegamer updated his status:

Happy fifth VGC anniversary Cone! Bet you never thought you'd get here, or do what you've done, or get to know so many friends and like minded people. You guys are all awesome, and without you VGC would be nothing. So, thanks to everyone who has made these five years so brilliant!

< asqarkabab posted something on Conegamer's wall:

Thanx mate

Tis alright! How are you?

2 days ago

Im fine thanx
Am enjoying the warm weather here in GER
How are you how is the weather there in the UK

2 days ago

Yeah it's a bit wet here now :p

Was over in Germany a couple weeks ago and it was wet there too. Guess I'm just unlucky!

2 days ago

Yeah the weather is crazy here in Germany one day its warm the other day its cold and rainy

2 days ago

< Kresnik posted something on Conegamer's wall:

I haven't posted on your wall in ages! Here you go.

You haven't. So I'm assuming you have read the thread?

3 days ago

When you assume you make an ass out of you and me.

3 days ago


You're killing me here Krezzy

3 days ago

< Megaoverlord12 posted something on Conegamer's wall:

I forgot to mention a while back, I beat Chronicles 3D.

Oh nice! How did you find it?

3 days ago

I can easily say it would have been my 2nd favorite RPG of the last gen (next to Bowser's Inside Story), and it is my favorite RPG of this gen (not saying much, but still). Probably my favorite Wii game next to Brawl. Finally, I think it's had the most impact on me of any single games story, period. Fiora breaks the game. It's absolutely wonderful.

3 days ago

It's my favourite game of all time. It is quite the remarkable title, I have to say. Just so many good things (the title, the story, the music etc) that it had to be and I just cannot wait.

What was your favourite bit?

3 days ago

If I had to think of my favorite section of the game, I'd say probably Alcamoth (even though getting all the quests there is a pain). The story really picks up steam there imo, and I thoroughly enjoy (and seriously felt terrible for) Melia and her story. Eryth Sea was fun to explore too. I'm not afraid to admit a teared up a few times with her.

3 days ago

Alcamoth is great and Melia is the best. I see a lot of me in her to be honest. Eryth Sea is beautiful, particularly the first time you go there. That music! And the meteor showers.

I really liked Fallen Arm too. Another great area. Though most of the game was in fairness!

3 days ago

Chronicles X has a lot to live up to.

3 days ago

It does. I'm not sure either if it will be quite as good... But even so it should be great

3 days ago

So what have you been up to recently friend?

2 days ago

Started a new job recently, and went to a gaming convention yesterday! How about you?

2 days ago

Oh wow, congrats! I wish I've done anything that useful. Me and my friends finally got started recording stuff for our YouTube channel, so thats something. I started something I've had in my backlog for years now, Metroid Prime 3, and killed a boss via him getting stuck in a wall at 3/4 HP.

2 days ago

Heh, nice. Prime 3 is good but I don't think it's as good as the other two. Enjoying it?

2 days ago

I've had all three for years, only ever beat the original. I remember getting lost in Prime 2 for a while and stopping to play other things. I am thoroughly enjoying Prime 3, though the bosses require a touch more accuracy than I can easily afford. Hypermode breaks the hell out of the rest the game. Rundas glitched into a wall about 1/4 of the way into a fight and just there the entire time from then, so that was... fun.

1 day ago

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