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ryuzaki57's Wall

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< Machina posted something on ryuzaki57's wall:

Left you a quick question on Discord regarding NG.

< Oneeee-Chan!!! posted something on ryuzaki57's wall:

You bought BFV lol.

Is that funny? Excellent FPS. Loving every second

on 23 November 2018

< Oneeee-Chan!!! posted something on ryuzaki57's wall:

Why do you hate Nintendo ?

Why the sudden question? I have left the forums for a while now

on 06 November 2018

I would like to know

on 07 November 2018

Let's say I don't like their aggressive commercial policies... among a lot of others things.

on 23 November 2018

< Machina posted something on ryuzaki57's wall:

Do you have an e-mail I could send a message to? I'd use the PM system but I'm having to use a beta version of the site and the PM functionality isn't working for it yet.

Hi. Recently in the Japanese charts Dragon Quest X did better on Wii U and Switch than on PS4. This really confused me, so I had to go to the only analyst I know on VGChartz(too lazy to make a ResetEra account). What does this mean? Does this mean that the PS4 will lose all Japanese support? Will it all go to Switch? Could it .. mean the end of Sony in Japan? You know, from a completely psychological standpoint of course. Or was it hypothetical? Anyways, I don't know what's happening.

Interesting he never commented on that...

on 07 December 2017

My view on this is that Japan was hit by a major heatwave that week, which made people go back to WiiU. I believe it will be the start of a series of major climate changes in which gamers will progressively return to older systems. Game Gear will rise again and ultimately Tails' Adventure will be the best-selling game of 2021. I hope I could be of help on this concerning subject.

on 07 December 2017

Well, that was about as helpful as your other contributions on this site, consistency is a good quality to have!

on 07 December 2017

it was a J-O-K-E

on 08 December 2017

Like I said. Consistency.

on 08 December 2017

P.S. I'm only joking too.

on 08 December 2017

< VGPolyglot posted something on ryuzaki57's wall:

Thanks for accepting!! I see you post sometimes in the PS Nation thread, so I decided to add you. J'epère que tu resteras ici !

...Et j'ai fait une faute d'orthographe -_-

on 06 September 2017

< VGPolyglot posted something on ryuzaki57's wall:

So, you've returned?

Kind of. There are still things to be done to ensure a bright end of career for Vita.

on 04 September 2017

< ktay95 posted something on ryuzaki57's wall:

Well Im super late to saying goodbye arent I.

Just saw you comment on a Gematsu article and realised I hadnt seen you on here in forever

< ryuzaki57 updated his status:

I have officially LEFT VGC forums. Thanks everyone for everything all those years.

I hope you stop by from time to time. Best of luck.

on 29 December 2015

I will miss your posts on sales forums downplaying everything Nintendo related :(

on 04 April 2016

No come back :(

on 29 April 2016

< Wright posted something on ryuzaki57's wall:

Merry Christmas and be sure to have a happy new year!

thank you. You too :)

on 29 December 2015

< RolStoppable posted something on ryuzaki57's wall:

Is Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX on the easier side of rhythm games? In the demo version there aren't many sequences where you have to press both a button and a direction on the d-pad at the same time, even on hard mode. Is the rest of the songs like that too or did they just pick relatively easy songs for the demo?

Sorry I've never played Project Mirai actually ^^'>

on 30 August 2015

Ah, I see. This is a case of not buying Project Mirai, so that Hatsune Miku can become a PlayStation-exclusive. Now I don't care about what Project Mirai is anymore. I'll buy it to spite you, that's a good enough reason.

on 30 August 2015

wow, such violence... sorry but isn't it my freedom as a consumer not to buy a product I'm no interested in, without you having to scold me like that? Mirai is just a lesser version of what I already have so no, I do not reckon it's worth spending my money on it.

I do buy 3DS game when I want them. I've spent half my summer on Fire Emblem Fates.

on 31 August 2015

I'm surprised there are still people here that take rol seriously.

on 03 September 2015

< Wright posted something on ryuzaki57's wall:

Didn't know you were a Metal Gear fan. :P

MGS2 is one of my favorite games of all time, and the best scenario ever written i a game imho. Of course I like the others a lot too. MGS are the deepest games in terms of morale and philosophy.

on 27 August 2015

< Conegamer posted something on ryuzaki57's wall:

You know I had no idea that you joined the day before me. What is this madness!

< Augen posted something on ryuzaki57's wall:

Odds of Nitro Blaster Z coming over? Never can have too much Homura.

sure enough :)

on 10 June 2015

< The_Sony_Girl1 posted something on ryuzaki57's wall:

Is that Noire? Also, have you played Xenoblade X yet?

If you mean my current profile pic, clearly not. I'm currently trying to beat the final boss of Xeno X but it's highly difficult

on 10 June 2015

Who is then? Also, do you like the game?

on 10 June 2015

Mitsuki from Tokyo Xanadu. I liked Xeno X, but it has lots of annoying flaws

on 10 June 2015

< estebxx posted something on ryuzaki57's wall:

oh men awesome avatar!, (Noire is my favorite) could you perhaps give me the link to the full image?

took it from NepV2 op, but here you go


on 02 May 2015

thanks!, cant wait for VII, im grabbing that along with Persona 5 and MGS V this year

on 02 May 2015

< Conegamer posted something on ryuzaki57's wall:

I hate you so much right now for having XCX. How is it?

Haven't started yet. Tomorrow will be holiday in France so I have 3 days to get into it (still have DQH to finish tho)

on 30 April 2015

Ah, fair enough then. Hope you enjoy it!

Be sure to lemme know how it goes anyway, if at all possible.

on 30 April 2015

< ryuzaki57 updated his status:

You can ban the revolutionaries, but you can't ban the REVOLUTION!

< Ryng_Tolu posted something on ryuzaki57's wall:

Usually this gif is for the XBOX fans, but even in this case...

Nice gif :)

on 12 April 2015

I miss ToastBoy. :(

on 12 April 2015

I don't understand what you're trying to say...

on 12 April 2015

You will see... :P

on 12 April 2015

< Wright posted something on ryuzaki57's wall:

Woah, I did not know you were banned!

Your ban is almost expired, so you'll be back soon. I'll pray for your return!

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