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    New Final Fantasy VII Remake Teaser Trailer

    in Sony Discussion on 10 June 2019 by LMU Uncle Alfred

    TranceformerFX said: gamingsoul said: Omg so much controversy for a single character’s voice, people have become obsessed with black characters, it is the black characters that have to perfectly represent the black community, nobody cares about any other ethnic race. I remember the controversy when capcom relieased the first re5 trailer the community went nuts, sadly that was...

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    Nintendo FY Q3 Results (Switch 32.3m LT, Smash Bros 12m, Pokemon 10m..)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 February 2019 by RolStoppable

    noname2200 said: Nuvendil said: The Analogue stick is probably the only thing that REALLY sticks out and was a major design oversight. I'd argue the 3D effect proved to be a bad design feature as well, based on the poor market reception. curl-6 is correct to note that 3D stopped being a selling point really quick, and even a lot of Nintendo's own games abandoned it by the...

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    Massive Lines In South Korea For The PlayStation 4

    in Sony Discussion on 29 January 2019 by KazumaKiryu

    twintail said: KazumaKiryu said: I have 3 questions. Does anyone have any idea? 1. How big is the console market in South Korea ? 2. Are any game sales figures from this country known? (example) The Last of Us or Spiderman ? 3. Resident Evil 2 appears in South Korea? or no release in this country, last week ? I am very interested in that. I previously answered...

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    I'm feeling the Switch will struggle to sell 10 million units.

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 August 2018 by Miyamotoo

    Naum said: Dont worry it will soon fall of a cliff and sell negative numbers!! What's interesting is that Wii U in first quarter of 2013. (January-March 2013. period) if I recall had negative shipment of around 30k units in Europe. People don't realise just how much bad sales Wii U had in around 6 months after launch (if I recall in 6 months Wii U sold only 460k units worldwide),...

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    How High Will Avengers:IW Soar? (Currently @ ~$2.04B+)

    in Movies Discussion on 02 August 2018 by thismeintiel

    The_Liquid_Laser said: thismeintiel said: It's been a few weeks since I have updated, so I figured I'd give a 3rd to last update. The 2nd to last will happen if there is a late push given by Disney in its last weeks. And the last will happen when the film is pretty much done. IW made $406K this past weekend. This brings its DBO to ~$677.56M. Its FBO take sits at ~$1.367B. ...

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    March 2016 NPD Thread! Hardware and software up!

    in Sales Discussion on 25 May 2018 by LethalP

    VGPolyglot said: CartBlanche said: 2 years on, North American Tie-Ratios - http://www.vgchartz.com/analysis/platform_totals/Tie-Ratio/NA/ Strange, I thought that the XB and 360 would have been higher than the PS2 and PS3. The underdog generally has a higher attach ratio. The Xbox tie ratio is generally higher than Playstation in Europe believe it or not. And for the...

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    Nintendo VS Sony Fiscal Years: Global Edition

    in Sales Discussion on 04 May 2018 by Quodam_Diem

    zorg1000 said: Bofferbrauer2 said: Do we even have concrete numbers on how many got sold? Anyway, the reason is probably because the games are not exchangeable, meaning for another game you'd need to buy another G&W. And if one really would want to be stingy like this, where are the Color TV Game 7 and 15? 43 million. And i agree, its not the same because Game...

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    Hard evidence that digital distribution is slowly taking over for physical copies.

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 May 2018 by Conina

    Most physical games these days are only two third physical anyways since you have to download one third of the game (patches, DLC, season passes...) ;-) And if you sell the physical disc you can't sell the DLCs and season passes with it. They are still in your account (useless without the main game), which lowers the price you get for the disc. In most cases selling the used disc isn't worth...

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    Horizon Zero Dawn Predicted To Sell 8 Million Units, Close To Uncharted 4

    in Sales Discussion on 01 March 2018 by CGI-Quality

    Ryng_Tolu said: CGI-Quality said: This is really annoying that we now have yet another a Horizon vs Zelda discussion. The purpose of this revival was to compare results with what was predicted—for Horizon: Zero Dawn. The comparisons are now over, because this is how Zelda/Horizon threads often turn out. Tell this to who asked the comparation between the 2 games,...

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    Prediction: Xbox One will outsell PS4 WW by Q1 2016

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 December 2017 by CGI-Quality

    FattyDingDong said: Looking back I realize how wrong I was with my prediction. Everyone thought I was just kidding around but I was indeed being serious, I was still under the impression that Microsoft was the same aggressive company as they were during the Xbox 360 era. I was wrong. Even if they had been as aggressive, they wouldn't be ahead WW. ...

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    Japan sales (Week 47): Media Create/Famitsu/Dengeki - November 20-26, 2017

    in Latest Charts on 07 December 2017 by SpokenTruth

    Did you guys know there is a new week of Japanese sales? ...

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    Media Create/Famitsu/Dengeki - 25th Sept. - 1st Oct 2017

    in Latest Charts on 08 October 2017 by Jranation

    p0isonparadise said: https://twitter.com/GameDataLibrary/status/916880465109319680 Another 20k - 30k sales? ...

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    Persona 5 worldwide shipments top 1.8 million

    in Sony Discussion on 04 October 2017 by method114

    Xen said: KazumaKiryu said: Maybe, its possible. but the Games >>>> AnimePersona 4 and 3 are legendary Games with amazing characters/story. But the anime-movie(Persona 3) was good, the Persona 4 ANIME-serie was very bad/boring. P5 is now legendary too with this fantastic story and world. i hope, the P5-anime is better than the P4-anime serie. Overall: Persona Games...

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    July 2017 NPD Thread! Switch #1

    in Sales Discussion on 10 September 2017 by Noobie

    When August NPD thread will be created? ...

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    The state of digital sales on Playstation

    in Sales Discussion on 28 August 2017 by asqarkabab

    Is digital that convenient that everyone whats this digital future ...

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    Final fantasy 15 X Assassins Creed is happening

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 August 2017 by LurkerJ

    For once, FF15 characters outfits don't look ridiculous. ...

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    Xbox One X Pre-Orders Are Live But Sold Out Already At Some Stores

    in Microsoft Discussion on 23 August 2017 by piggychan


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    Media Create/Famitsu/Dengeki - 31st Jul - 6th Aug 2017

    in Latest Charts on 16 August 2017 by Ka-pi96

    tbone51 said: Kerotan said: Of naughty dog made a new crash it would sell well.  You are forgetting that crash unlike Mario and pokemon etc doesn't have a quality team making new games.  Gamefreak has a quality team? Where?   Mario games are always in the best selling exclusives WW so yeah. (Im talking 3d Mario platformers btw) Ask Tembo the...

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    The Emoji Movie Reviews - 08 Metacritic - 00% RottenTomatoes

    in Movies Discussion on 07 August 2017 by S.Peelman

    1.6 at IMDb, lol that's extremely terrible....

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    RE7 has shipped 3.7m units, SFV 1.7m units, Dead Rising 4 still under 1m units.

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 August 2017 by S.T.A.G.E.

    DonFerrari said: AngryLittleAlchemist said: And people think I'm crazy when I say Xbox One exclusives don't sell...bwahahahahhaahahaha they will retort pointing to SF V and say the game would sold 3x more if released on X1 while ignoring why it didn't do good on PS4. That was Capcoms fault for not releasing a complete game. it was destined not to sell well. Being...

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