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< Tridrakious posted something on M.U.G.E.N's wall:

Long time, I'm back. At least for a little while. The site seems different...less people I remember...

< padib posted something on M.U.G.E.N's wall:

I am learning about buddhism through a youtube series. I remember you mentioning that you were practicing. I was surprised about the emphasis on compassion, peace and wisdom in the few videos I've watched so far.

The youtuber is called Mindah-Lee Kumar and she is very intelligent and interesting.

Damn so sorry for the late reply. Not sure how I missed this. And vgc is acting funky and just deleted a long ass reply I typed for you :S

anywho yeah those are some of the main themes in Buddhism among others. This includes themes such as how desire leads to pain.

There are however some differences between Mahayana and Heenayana factions of Buddhism. But overall these themes persist across both of them.

on 01 October 2014

Aw, thanks for typing that out, it's too bad it got lost.

From the brief reading I just did it seems like the Mahayana means "Greater vehicle" by virtue of its inclusion of the expedient means, especially that of bodhisattva. If I understood correctly that is a means of including various buddhist practices as a vehicle towards enlightenment. The bodhisattva, if I understood right, is the practice of leading other souls into enlightenment and in a way constitutes a more selfless practice. On the other hand Hinayana buddhism seems to focus more on the essence, what I understand to be the pilgrim's own personal path to enlightenment.

So, I think that since you are from Sri Lanka originally that you are of the Hinayana school of Buddhism. :)

on 01 October 2014

Yes sir :D Sri Lanka is a land of Hinayana Buddhism. About 75% of the country actually iirc

on 11 October 2014

I knew I had it right! :)

on 11 October 2014

< gooch_destroyer posted something on M.U.G.E.N's wall:

Yo! I think we should combine the threads. what do you say?

I'm ok with it really. Two things tho, I would at least for the most part like to keep the conversations about gaming. A few off topic subjects here and there are ok but if it gets out of hand then it might get a bit messy. The other thing is I have to ask the other users who frequent the thread. Let me start a poll there and also ask them the Q. Would that be ok?

on 17 May 2014

Alright. If they want to, lets wait a little after E3.

on 17 May 2014

sounds good :)

on 17 May 2014

Looks like they don't.

on 17 May 2014

yeah for now doesn't look like it. We will see what the others have to say also. But I can understand their concerns too. Either way since E3 is right around the corner the PSNation thread should be getting a bunch of new users as well...like it is every year around this time

on 17 May 2014

< Sal.Paradise posted something on M.U.G.E.N's wall:

Interested in a Tezcalipoca? I just so happen to have one :)

haha sure man..but I don't have any spare SR for trade :S I can do multiple Rs for it tho

on 05 May 2014

Sorry i traded it for a zilant .-.

on 05 May 2014

no worries :D and zilant is a nice summon. Rad design too. On a different note I just got a trade for my inti in exchange for Genie in the lamp! 0_0 so happy

on 05 May 2014

Waw nice one, everyone seems to want her, is it because of her support skill?

on 06 May 2014

I think it's a combination of the art (she looks great!) and rarity. I think it's a summon that's really hard to obtain or to find. Some have had to defeat a lvl 70-80 zone boss version of hers to get her lol

on 06 May 2014

< Nintentacle posted something on M.U.G.E.N's wall:

How long until you're 28? I MUST KNOW!

lol. Until end of this year actually. December

on 01 May 2014

So did your parents combine your birthday with Christmas or anything like that?

on 01 May 2014

lol nah we are a Buddhist family. It's just coincidence that my bday is in December :D

on 01 May 2014

What day in December?

on 01 May 2014


on 01 May 2014

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