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< ethomaz Good news... RESOGUN maybe coming to PC
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< BHR-3 posted something on ethomaz's wall:

do you know what the totals are for npds numbers up until august are?

I don't have this data... I will need to dig GAF.

5 days ago

< Mr Khan posted something on ethomaz's wall:

There was something broken-down about your signature that was making it all wonky, so i cut it down to just the basics. Do ask if you have any trouble rebuilding it and we can try to figure out what went wrong.


5 days ago

< Ka-pi96 posted something on ethomaz's wall:

Congrats on 30k posts

Ohhhhh thansk... I didn't see that :D

on 12 October 2014

< Seece posted something on ethomaz's wall:

Hey Etho, judging by LTD's and Sony announcements, what do you think Sony shipped last Q for PS4? As they do PS3/PS4 numbers. I'm doing a shipment prediction thread and would like some figures to use.

I guess Sony shipped ~3m PS4 plus maybe 900k for PS3? I need to check the last year shipments... well ~4m shipped is a safe bet for both I guess.

on 07 October 2014

Can variate from 3.5 to 4.5 million.

on 07 October 2014

Less than 3 million after Destiny is really unlikely.

on 07 October 2014

It was 3.5m for both PS3/PS4 last Q

on 07 October 2014

I'm talking about last Q etho, not July/Aug/Sep just gone.

on 07 October 2014

Also what do you think the shipment LTD was end of June

on 07 October 2014

Ohhhhhhh my bad... 11m ir close to 11m at end of July.

on 07 October 2014

Ok thanks, so I'm guessing about 2.9m for PS4, and 600k for PS3?

on 07 October 2014

That means ~2.5m for PS4 in Q1.

on 07 October 2014

Close to 3m to be close to 11m ltd.

on 07 October 2014

Thanks for all your help :)

on 07 October 2014

I didn't see your reply before... yes 2.8 or 2.9 for PS4 seems a good guess.

on 07 October 2014

< Iveyboi posted something on ethomaz's wall:

Need 1 more guy for Vault of Glass raid tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7pm Ontario Canada time. Are you interested?

I'm down for it... I just need to check this timezone... one minute.

on 06 October 2014

Now is 16:30 here in Brazil... if I'm not wrong the difference is one hour... so it is fine 7pm for me (8pm in Brazil).

You can count with me ;-)

on 06 October 2014

Ethomaz, I'm really sorry but my buddy who originally backed out determined that he can join. As such we have the 6 needed, so I don't think that you will be able to join the run tonight. If you are on around 7:45pm (Brazil time) I will let you know. I apologize again.

on 07 October 2014

No problem ;-) good luck... I need to find a team to finish it in Hard too.

on 07 October 2014

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Write 31

Sony : " Exciting game announcements" at PS event

in Gaming Discussion 2 hours ago

Sony is getting better and better with ads. Who remembers the fiasco baby ads at PS3 age?...

Write 83

Eminem in a interview said he bought a Wii U for Smash as he is bored with Destiny (System Seller Confirmed!) :P

in Nintendo Discussion 2 hours ago

KLAMarine said: Is that profile Eminem? How do we know? He is my bff. YouTube, Google, etc... seems like he leaked that in a video in 2010....

Write 3

Destiny Reddit: Lore: The Twilight Gap... And Everything Else

in Gaming Discussion 2 hours ago

Aphelion said:Uhuh so we are to read forums to get any story out of a game. A new low gaming, a new low. Hummm... it is more like read Grimories and item descriptions. But I get what you are saying....


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