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< ethomaz PS4 Master Race: Batman showcase.
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< Wright posted something on ethomaz's wall:

So, a question: the Taken King includes everything else so far, plus bonus content?

It is a bit confuse...

Retail $60 not... just the base Destiny, DLC1, DLC2 and TTK

Retail CE $80 yes... base Destiny, DLC1, DLC2, TTK , limited items and goodies

Digital CE $80... base Destiny, DLC1, DLC2, TTK and goodies

on 08 July 2015

The Digital CE doesn't have the limited items of Retail CE.

on 08 July 2015

< ethomaz updated his status:

PS4 Master Race: Batman showcase.

Yeah PS4 Masterrace and Xbone players Xbone peasants😂

on 15 July 2015

< Ka-pi96 posted something on ethomaz's wall:

Speaking of trophies... do you think there is a chance that The Taken King could have a separate platinum from Destiny?

I wish they have added trophies in the two previous DLCs but not... so I don't have hopes for trophies in this one.

on 22 June 2015

BTW post on my thread pleaseeeeeee:

on 22 June 2015

hmm, well I suppose all we can do is wait and hope then.

on 22 June 2015

< OnlyForDisplay posted something on ethomaz's wall:

I understand that we really have not engaged in discussion but sorry to hear what happened regardless. Either way, I do look froward to chat with you sometime in the future upon your return! Until that time, I wish you all the best and good luck!

I'm always open for a good discussion.

on 20 June 2015

Cannot wait to begin when the day comes, Etho-San! I will be waiting! :)

on 20 June 2015

< GamechaserBE posted something on ethomaz's wall:

Can someone from the mod team PM me why we should allow people like ethomaz come back and back and back over and over again? He is one of those kind that gets banned comes back and act nice for a few weeks or a month or two when their are no announcements and show his true face again and get banned. Hate/trolling grows on this forum because of members like him :(.

Opinion is different from hate... grow up dude.

on 20 June 2015

Really? You are the one getting banned whole the time for immature behaviour and you say to me grow up?

on 20 June 2015

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Tomb Raider Xbox exclusivity: Square knew it would disappoint fans - decision wasn’t easy

in Gaming Discussion 18 hours ago

Mr Puggsly said: Hey, if you don't like TR or AC that's fine. But you enjoy Destiny so your opinions mean less. I didn't mention SFV in the same context. SE shouldn't have to respond to whiny Sony fans, MS fans aren't bothering Capcom at the same level. I don't expect an apology from Capcom for going exclusive. Most of Destiny is doing the same thing over and over for many hours hoping...

Write 268

Dragon Quest XI Announced for PS4/3DS (2016) NX (Tentative)

in Gaming Discussion 21 hours ago

Wyrdness said: Actually it doesn't make it the same game, what DQXI is it's the same concept with two different types of execution. 3DS is more classical and home like to older games while taking ques from DQIX and other portable rpgs like BD and Pokemon in approach, the PS4 version is more following the path of DQVIII which played in a remarkably unique way compared to the rest of the...

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Dragon Quest XI Announced for PS4/3DS (2016) NX (Tentative)

in Gaming Discussion 21 hours ago

GribbleGrunger said: I can't agree with your assertion that the 3DS will hold the PS4 version back. Ni-No-Kuni shared the same story but both versions utilised the unique features/power of the platform it was on. There is nothing unique in PS3 version of Ni no Kumi... Can you prove the game could be the same without the 3DS version? I guess not... that is my point... you will...


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