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< ethomaz updated his status:

< ethomaz updated his status:


As German as a German can be!

on 21 October 2015

lol :-D

on 21 October 2015

< ZhugeEX posted something on ethomaz's wall:

Hi mate,

Quick question. Do you find that people who want XB1/PS4 in Brazil will import the console from Mexico due to cheaper price? Generally?

To be fair I don't think people import consoles here... they buy in the gray market for half of the official price.

My console is Brasilian (mounted here) and I paid at launch R$2700 instead the R$4000 officially.... it is like the Gray Market have access to cheaper consoles even from we own internal market.

When I bought it there were Mexican, US, EU and Asia consoles being sold (yes at launch here you could buy in the Gray Market EU and Asia consoles).

So most sales come from Gray Market and they have all the regions consoles to sell... even Japan.

That is how it looks when I go to Santa Efigenia for example... the biggest Gray Market here in São Paulo.

on 07 October 2015

Thanks very much for your response. From your perspective how do you think the Next Gen adoption has gone in Brazil. Is there a buzz for them or are people generally not interested?

Also, In regards to Mexico, I know it's hard to answer because you're in Brazil, but do you know what Mexican console prices are like compared to Brazil?

Apologies for so many questions. I have a report on Latin America console market in front of me and just want to fill in a few gaps.

on 07 October 2015

There are interest but the consoles are expensive yet (even in Gray Market) and people are afraid to spend money due the economics situations we live here right now.

About Mexico I don't have any info.

on 07 October 2015

Thanks again Ethomaz. Really appreciate the time you took to answer these questions. I have a report I'm writing and will post soon. It is based around LATAM console market :)

Thanks for helping fill in some gaps.

on 07 October 2015

< XanderXT posted something on ethomaz's wall:

Who is that?


on 29 September 2015

WTF?Him,the notorious Edmarcio!:P

on 30 September 2015

He posted a pic of himself? Wow!

on 30 September 2015

Yeap... it is myselt... there is others pics in the forum too... well I can't find right now.

on 01 October 2015

< Acevil posted something on ethomaz's wall:

You should one day help me get flawless raider! (Not really)

We need more guys... I did both flawless VoG and CE... CE is way way easy.

on 09 September 2015

I'm impressed with the CE, most of my teams die at the zombie part.

on 09 September 2015

The thing is, individually I can do all of VoG with anyone dead, but it is together that it falls apart.

on 09 September 2015

The Zoombi is the first one? If so you can do alone with a hunter... the others just wait.

on 10 September 2015

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Write 125

Halo 5 : "Industry sources support our belief that Halo 5 digital sales were much closer to half of units than the 20-25% GameStop is suggesting."

in Microsoft Discussion 1 day ago

Puppyroach said:I hope we can all agree that digital is growing at a really good rate and will continue to grow. The question is: Will games like Halo, Battlefront and such continue that trend or will they cause digital sales to lay flat YOY? We can probably all agree (I hope) that they will continue the growth of digital sales, but the question is how much it has grown? Yeap there...

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Halo 5 : "Industry sources support our belief that Halo 5 digital sales were much closer to half of units than the 20-25% GameStop is suggesting."

in Microsoft Discussion 1 day ago

Puppyroach said: Yeah, that's some good spin for you :). Xbox live marketplace changed name to Xbox game store, so by your definition MS can never claim that a game on Xbox game store outsold a game on Xbox live marketplace because they changed the name for it? Yeah, then you and me are discussing in two separate universes. And that the press release for Minecraft say Xbox live arcade is...

Write 125

Halo 5 : "Industry sources support our belief that Halo 5 digital sales were much closer to half of units than the 20-25% GameStop is suggesting."

in Microsoft Discussion 1 day ago

Puppyroach said: Xbox live marketplace consists of three parts: Retail, Arcade and Indie. This has been the case for as long as I can remember. It's the Xbox live marketplace (of which Minecraft was part) that changed name to Xbox games store in time for the release of X1. So it is not Xbox Live Arcade or Xbox Live Marketplace... we don't know the previous record for Xbox Game...


Occupation: Consultant

Education: Colégio XV de Abril - Anglo Vestibulares

University: FATEC - Faculdade de Tecnologia de Americana

Height: 6'3

Build: Other

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Black

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Relationship status: Dating



Favourite Games: Gran Turismo
Final Fantasy
Metal Gear Solid
God Of War

Favourite Music: Strokes
Queens Of The Stone Age

Favourite Films: Pirates Of The Caribbean

Favourite Books: Lord Of The Rings
Harry Potter

Favourite Food: Meat

Hobbies: Games

About Me: I'm a gamer (2-5 hour per day) and my favorite systems is PS3.

That's all.

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