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    Why does everyone hate FF8?

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 August 2011

    Mr Khan said:Same reason people hated Wind Waker. It wasn't like the game that came before it, though it was good in its own right Wind Waker wasn't hated because it wasn't as good as Ocarina, it was hated because of the art style, being almost as easy as Epic Yarn and having those stupid parts without sword. It owuld be hated even if OoT didn't exist. Plus it is hated because it...

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    Heterosexuals Kicked Out of Gay Softball League

    in General Discussion on 20 August 2011

    Gay people can stay on no-gay teams if I recall....

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    New Triple A Rambo Game In The Works For 2012

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 August 2011

    They gotta stop using the "Triple A" term for high develop costing crap games....

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    Is Ocarina of Time still the greatest game, ever?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 August 2011

    It never was....

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    EMEAA UP- July 23rd

    in Latest Charts on 28 July 2011

    Nintendo is learning the price of their arrogance....

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    'Harry Potter' Becomes Top-Grossing Franchise/Surpasses Star Wars

    in Movies Discussion on 21 July 2011

    WiseOwl said:Harry Potter movies always do well, that's why there are so many sequels. Actually, the sequels come because they gotta cover all the books, or the fans would knock on their door angry....

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    Is it possible for Gears of War 3 to outsell Gears of War 2 after one month?

    in Sales Discussion on 21 July 2011

    Sure, and it will sell 20 millions after one year....

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    EA CEO: Consoles Now Only 40% of Games Industry

    in Sales Discussion on 21 July 2011

    Of course it is. The other 60% are covered by the DS, 3DS, PSP and upcoming PSP Vita....

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    In Japan, Squid are forced to dance for you before you eat it

    in General Discussion on 20 July 2011

    That's just damn cruel. ...

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    Lots of 3DS games cancelled. A worrisome trend?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 July 2011

    Of course it is. Just as I expected....

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    Did Apple accidentally enter and kill the videogame industry?

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 July 2011

    "It appears to me that mentioning Apple in an actual videogame website and as a videogame player in the industry is usually received with a disdain reaction. But please allow me to explain what I mean here..." Of course it is, no one considers Apple a game company. "I believe 2011 has been one of the most disappointing years in the history of videogames, and that's not due to lack of content,...

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    The number 1 game in 2011.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 14 July 2011

    RolStoppable said:What is a "dos campaign"? I know what dos is and what campaigns is, but I have no idea how the two words fit togheter....

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    Japan is making millions of Metroids

    in General Discussion on 10 July 2011

    I wanna swim there. That would be some radical, manly man show....

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    Calling all Wii gamers!

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 July 2011

    Still not worth it. ...

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    Shadows of the damned sales. Ouch!

    in Sales Discussion on 10 July 2011

    If it sold so poorly it can't be really that good....

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    Mario Galaxy commercial that should have been

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 July 2011

    This is older than fire....

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    Japan and WW are up - 2nd July 2011

    in Latest Charts on 08 July 2011

    As expected, 3DS fell ot it's dervedely place after the Zelda bump. Nothing can save it form the DS dominance!...

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    What's your IQ

    in General Discussion on 08 July 2011

    It is below 200 and above 180!...

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    Megaman Legends 3 disappears from Capcom's frontpage

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 July 2011

    Won't be missed....

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    So, I have Twilight Princess. And I have no will to play it at all.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 July 2011

    kopstudent89 said:Yes you're the only one hating on Zelda.... asshole -.- But seriously just play through the first dungeons and it will get better especially towards the end If you knew how to read OPs instead of rushing into a hate post you would know I don't hate Zelda....

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