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    < Xen posted something on Slimebeast's wall:

    Where you at?

    < Eagle367 posted something on Slimebeast's wall:

    The thing you said about 50% of immigrants are all lies is a blatant lie. Stop spreading misinformation and read the articles linked in the post. More knowledgeable people then you or I have researched this extensively. You guess but they actually measure each and everything

    < d21lewis posted something on Slimebeast's wall:

    How did you find me? Am I that predictable?

    lol no
    I just wanted to check out that Grey Bf1 XBox and the first video I found on YT had your comment at the top lol

    on 28 November 2016

    < Teeqoz posted something on Slimebeast's wall:

    Not to be rude, but why do you write stuff like "fink" instead of think, and growf" instead of growth?

    lol It's ridiculous I know, but in the past when I saw a few of our members write similar stuff it just cracked me up. So I just have to reenact it from time to time.

    on 12 September 2016

    < DanCarreras posted something on Slimebeast's wall:

    Comments are being stupid on that article, so will post here. Twixel's my game:

    Thanks for asking!

    on 05 August 2016

    Cool! When did you finish it? Did it take a lot of time?

    on 05 August 2016

    Since it was my first major project, yeah, took ages. Always dabbled in making loads of little projects, but that was the first that I properly saw through to the end and made a proper product. Currently going back through the code for steam, and making so many adjustments and improvement since I'm now more experienced and a better programmer :)

    on 05 August 2016

    You mean you are currently preparing it to be released on Steam?

    on 05 August 2016

    Yeah sorry, should have clarified a bit better there - since it's been greenlit, I'm going back through the code and preparing it for Steam (e.g. getting rid of obsolete methods within Unity 5, and using the Steam API)

    on 06 August 2016

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    GPU prices more than double as cryptocurrency craze accelerates

    in Gaming Discussion 4 days ago

    This is so annoying. Not only is it hard for a gamer to get hold of a good GPU, but all this mining is such a waste of money and energy for a task that is essentially useless (the artificial calculations needed to uphold cryptocurency security) and that could be solved for a fraction of that cost. Billions of dollars are wasted on useless calculations when it could be used for research or...

    Write 14

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Screenshot Thread.

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 February 2018

    It's a masterpiece. Finally a game that is original and doesn't hold your hand. A guaranteed classic....

    Write 148

    Opinion: The Witcher 3 is boring, confusing, bad written and bad directed, etc...

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 January 2018

    shikamaru317 said: Slimebeast said: I agree wholehartedly. I can't stand Witcher 3 and I don't see anything good with it apart from the purely technical qualities like graphics and animation. Yes, in particular it pisses me off because of its ultra-modern cynical and nihilistic moral and culture, where everyone is so aware and conscious. Everyone has a bad mouth, everyone is...


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